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  1. Elusive service manual BSR ua15 or ua16 needed
  2. Phono Stage w/split passive RIAA, Instrumentation input
  3. Got the Pearl2 PCB but haven't started yet? (Pearl1.5)
  4. Old Audioquest Cartridge data
  5. Help with AC electrical wiring in plinth
  6. Tube Tape Head Pre Amp Info/Schematic
  7. Phono Cables for Non-Believers
  8. What is effective mass of Versa Dynamics 1.2 tonearm
  9. DIY Phono Pre- Boozehound OR Elliot P06?
  10. Pink Traingle PSU help
  11. 20KHz - 40KHz
  12. What tools are available and useful for TT designers?
  13. Sony ST-S333ESG tuner no audio output
  14. Aiwa AP2200 TT: any good?
  15. Need Dimensions of Grace G707 Counter Weight
  16. Balanced signal
  17. Bench Testing a Thorens TD124 Motor
  18. A brilliant Mounting template for an SME Tonearm. Not A vendor Post
  19. Phono Switcher
  20. rega arm rewire
  21. Studio unbalanced vs Line Driver
  22. Newbie looking for a cartridge (for his new Thorens)
  23. Broken Al. Black Widow tonearm.
  24. turntable help
  25. Arcam Alpha 7 Tuner Display Issue
  26. Cartridge Step -up conundrum
  27. Great entry table Technics SL-220: upgrade paths?
  28. Pacific RIAA phono pre: failure!
  29. Mod TC-750LC preamp for more gain?
  30. TTWeights pulleys and parts for sale
  31. Turntable - Getting Started
  32. Nakamichi ZX 7
  33. Sanyo TP 1005 skates like crazy
  34. Tapedeck bias frequency/circuitry
  35. Fully balanced tubed LCR RIAA Head Amp (Phono Stage) under Development
  36. CEC BD 515 turntable
  37. Technics SL-1300 MkI (NOT MkII) oscillating speed problem.
  38. Oracle Alexandria Controller Problem solved
  39. General Electric A1-501 tonearm - anybody have any info on these?
  40. Improving the sound quality coming from a Nikko ND-390 II, anyone got a schematic?
  41. Pioneer PL-L1000 parts
  42. vacuum tube reel2reel for HQ vinyl copies for under $1,000?
  43. Counterpoint SA-2
  44. OPENAMP1 - MM phono preamp open project
  45. South coast NSW antenna for ABC radio
  46. Marantz 7 phono help needed
  47. Technics turntable cartridge question.
  48. 2 phase DDS signal generator to run 2 phase AC sync motors
  49. playing bad recordings or bad vinyl
  50. My DIY WTL Tonearm
  51. Free Article: Creating the Craft of Tape Recording - Merry Christmas Everyone!
  52. Uher 4000 Report-L recording level problem
  53. New to vinyl; cartridge help
  54. Pioneer PL-640 DIY preamp tips MM/MC?
  55. Garrard 60 MkII good or not?
  56. Shure V15VST
  57. Audiomeca Website...
  58. Cartridge for Drumstick 5B...
  59. JVC L-A110 turntable speed problem?
  60. Voltage Conversion of Jolida JD9
  61. Armageddon clone for LP12 - why such a large transformer?
  62. Shure M21 cartridge or M212 M216 tonearm
  63. DIY Phono Preamp Inputs & Wiring
  64. Cartridge loading
  65. Sansui T-550SW circuit
  66. How to properly align a cartridge on Pro-Ject TT
  67. Denon AVR2809
  68. whats needed to use a reel to reel player
  69. How to stream an anaolg source?
  70. B & O TX Tunrtalbe help needed.
  71. Linn "LP-12" (LP12) 40th anniversary this or next year - first test reports wanted
  72. Sansui SR838, another power transformer shot
  73. Tuners: analogue, synthesized and beyond
  74. Tape head preamp
  75. NAKAMICHI 1000
  76. Electrolyt as DC blocking
  77. Bipass RIAA in Doug Self pre-amp
  78. New arm "The Wand" on Garrard 401
  79. Krell KSL Phono Board MC Issues
  80. MC and MM Resistor and Capacitor Loading
  81. dust brush, .00002 cents.
  82. Studer A80RC electronics.. please help!!
  83. Belt drive help needed
  84. Goldring g900igc Stylus
  85. Where to from here? Preamp?
  86. Stereo cassette player Toshiba KT-S1 upgrade
  87. iPod 4-pin minijack recording
  88. glasshouse mc 1:10 sut?
  89. BHL Phono - Harsh Upper End
  90. LP12 Bearing Dimensions
  91. Changing voltage on Thorens TD 126 MkIII
  92. Jelco SA-750D 9" tonearm problem
  93. My Lenco project finished!
  94. high torque ac motor recommendations
  95. Best settings for recording vinyl with audacity.
  96. A problem with my Revox A77 MK3
  97. Technics 1210MK2, protractor or overhang tool?
  98. Technics EPA-500/501H spare part
  99. Want to build a tiny battery powered RIAA
  100. Denon DL-103 and 103R
  101. First foray into Vinyl with Technics SL-B300
  102. Mounting rca jack
  103. Eico ST96 Manual Errata
  104. Thorens TD 124 power question...
  105. Cartridge donation/loan needed (MM)
  106. Kenwood KD-600
  107. problem with a vynil record
  108. best wire for hooking up Step Up Transformers
  109. Turntable selector
  110. MM Input Stage working in inverted mode - not to find; why ??
  111. MC Step-Up Head Amp in Common Base wanted as CSPP/Circlotron
  112. Bouncy floor tweak for suspended tables
  113. Solid CLD or Hollow plinth for TD124
  114. Anyone working on a Si4770 design?
  115. Sony TTS-3000 Project
  116. Volume control on Sherwood S3000-V tuner
  117. FM Stereo indicator lamp in Tuner circuit
  118. Preamp for reel-to-reel
  119. Upgrade belt drive TT by PLL circuit
  120. Replacing Technics SP-10 Mk.II strobe with LEDs
  121. need help with problematic JVC turntable
  122. Nakamichi TA2A Tuner Problem
  123. INA134 vs Transformer?
  124. The A.N.T. Audio Kora 3T Phono Stage circuit published.
  125. Sao Win SDT-10 Strain Gauge
  126. Silicone damping fluid
  127. Squirrel And G-Man Twenty Four Hour Party People Carnt Smile (White Out).............
  128. Resistors suggestions for Boozehound Jfet phono pre, etc.?
  129. Stylus issues...
  130. Rega P9 RB 1000 combo any good ?
  131. battery turntable motor
  132. Phono Pre Amp
  133. Nice sounding phonostage
  134. Luxman tuners AM/FM T-1
  135. Dual 601 shure m75-6s
  136. help me find an FM 1/4 ground plane or 1/2 dipole diy antenna plan for broadcast??
  137. Turntable playing thorough one channel.
  138. Another Boozhound solution
  139. Deluxe Paradise, who is on board?
  140. Papst motor noise level
  141. Moving Coil Cartridge Question
  142. Wiring 5-pin DIN to RCA
  143. Need help starting on a DIY Turntable project. Tonearm source?
  144. NAD 9300 cartridge
  145. Technics linear TT info
  146. Star grounds are just as important with low level signals.
  147. How do you go about calculating Zout for a phono stage?
  148. Riders on the storm
  149. Kiseki Milltek
  150. Electronics Newbie question - Simple PS mod for Technics SL-1210
  151. EMT TSD15 SFL serviced
  152. Phono cartridge loading in balanced circuit
  153. Koetsu Rosewood long body rebuild
  155. JVC TT71/JVC QL-7 quality and price
  156. Koetsu Onyx rebuild
  157. Masterpiece
  158. Cassette player drive belt replacement
  159. Audio Technica AT OC9 ML-III vs. Lyra Delos
  160. Old pioneer tuner pinout? (F-X20ZL)
  161. "X-DIN" 5-PIN Female SME Tonarm Plug for various Leads
  162. Looking for Headshell Socket for DIY Tonearm
  163. Mic capsules distorting at low level in binaural dummy head. Why :(
  164. What would be a good used TT to customize
  165. Anyone planning a turntable build
  166. Upgrade from DIY to commercial
  167. Still available quiet turntable motor
  168. turntable design and build
  169. MM phono preamp with accu and solarcells
  170. garrard model S turntable
  171. Luxman Isolation Platform
  172. Tuner Braun T1 service manual ?
  173. Bought a Mint Technics 1200 Mk2 turntable !
  174. Extremely noisy DC (Phono Stage PSU)
  175. anyone made a technics 1200 plinth
  176. Many different Vinyl Disc/LP Clamper-Vinyl Record Stabilizer/Clamper for Sound Impr.
  177. Partridge 977 mc transformers good match for this?
  178. So when designing a tonearm...
  179. Strange Features by the MC Head Amp Circuit of Linn's LK-1 (LK1)
  180. The ultimate rumble filter - far more effective than just a high pass filter!
  181. Marantz turn table
  182. Paradise Builders
  183. Yikes!!!
  184. "Man on Wire" unipivot tonearm.
  185. magnet damped unipivot
  186. Announcers Box
  187. Have IBOC noise on your FM? Please do this
  188. Grounding question on turntable
  189. My version of an Ultrasonic Record Cleaner
  190. Combining sources, need to make 3.5mm audio signal go one way...
  191. denon dn 2000 f mk3
  192. Strobe light in the TD125MKII
  193. Step up transformer
  194. Grundig TK 200 help!
  195. Adding a 3rd gain stage to an MM phono stage, to make it suitable for LOMC?
  196. My DIY MM phono amp
  197. Building V-2
  198. Life after a DENON DL103 ?
  199. Porsche Design Phonostage
  200. mounting a dynavector 505 to an Oracle Delphi III help!
  201. Commercial Pre-Pre Amps for Moving Coil Cartridges (MC Head Amps) in Common Base
  202. 2 Tape decks to 1 tape loop?
  203. Which turntable
  204. Kenwood KT-980F tuner - SM needed!
  205. New Plinth for a Dual 12xx
  206. Pioneer TX9800 tuner goes off tune
  207. Moving on from a Stanton 681?
  208. Can I use a Geddon psu on a Planar 3 ?
  209. RIAA Capacitors
  210. ac quartz speed controllers (linn , roxan)
  211. Studer B67 Problems... Help
  212. Turntable pics from www.exotic-audio.org - new URL?
  213. Pair of 2SJ109 J109 & 2SK389 K389
  214. The Best cartridge for Revox B790
  215. Thorens TD126 MKiii questions
  216. Tone arm effective mass
  217. Interesting Scientific paper examining spring isolation.
  218. Tracing fault on FM tuner
  219. speaker excursion on run in tracks
  220. Preamps are not "sources"!!
  221. Effect of different values for R1 in a passive composite RIAA network?
  222. Super deal secondhand
  223. phono preamp options
  224. Using “Almost-right” toroid for Armageddon Clone
  225. Design a suspended TT with REKOKUT KIT
  226. New plinth for Dual EDS1000/EDS900 motor
  227. First ever DIY TT
  228. Technics RS-B10 Tapedeck repair
  229. platter black spots won't come off
  230. Cmoy switchbox wiring help
  231. dual cs5000
  232. RIAA Head Amp Models (Phono Preamp) with only balanced XLR-Cannon Input Sockets
  233. Questions about a vintage tuner
  234. Marantz st6000 display dim?
  235. ground connections on phono pre. help
  236. Desoldering problem with vintage pioneer recap project
  237. New " digital" vinyl vs old "analog" vinyl
  238. Calibrate speed on turntable
  239. Design for a special MC Prepre needed
  240. Sony ALPS Power Switch
  241. SME 3012 Clone Tone Arm
  242. Garrard 401 question
  243. Boozhound Labs Jfet Phono Pre
  244. Winn Labs / EPA500 Rides again!
  245. Where in the UK can I buy some tonearm cable?
  246. Thorens TD 166 mk2 vs Rega
  247. Ultra linear cascoded 'Le Pacific' JFET phono stage with MOSFET output buffer
  248. Internal Tone Arm Cable between Cartridge and Connector for the outside Tonarm Cable
  249. Home recorded disc saga
  250. The Smallest Vinyl Record Pressing Plant in the World

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