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  1. akai 1730d-ss R2R motor wiring
  2. Receiver with incorporated compressor
  3. Any inputs on the low output Grado's?
  4. Does anybody know of a single opamp/feedback loop eq preamp for 78's?
  5. What DIY preamp for high output type MC cart?
  6. do you think OK to wax a vinyl ?
  7. How to remove Rega RB 300 counterweight extension
  8. Kenwood lovers take a look
  9. my new TT
  10. 4 pin to TOA gonna drive me to DOA
  11. Bugle phono preamp with gain and source impedance adjustment.
  12. Rega Arm Drawing and Position Details Required
  13. Akai GX-646 Tape rubbing problem
  14. Bought myself a Dual 510, how do take apart?
  15. Turntable recommendations (based on my needs)
  16. NIKKO Synthesized tuner Gamma V
  17. Dead bug RIAA Pre
  18. cartridge for thorens td-125
  19. KLH Turntable Rebuild
  20. DIY HiFi Supply Turntable Bearing
  21. Help with a grounding problem
  22. Lid Hinges for Linn (LP-12) Thorens and Sony Turntables - repair?? orig. brand wanted
  23. The Making Of Turntable Belts
  24. Another Discrete BJT MC Preamp Design
  25. l pacific optime -> Transistor alternatives for the BC239?
  26. MMF 2.2 vs Pro-ject Debut III ?
  27. Armstrong 523 tuner problem
  28. A question for Sony TC-500A owners
  29. converting a Maestro tape Echo to use a wall wart
  30. Why balance input for phono amp?
  31. Turntable cartridges and needles
  32. Heed Audio Questar
  33. Vinyl ripping software help for PC
  34. sanyo direct drive turntable
  35. TT signal ground v. chassis ground and hummmmmmm
  36. AM modulation transmitter and receiver
  37. Head Pre for Denon DL 103
  38. Cyrus tuner circa 1990
  39. P Spice parameter for MC cartridges like Lyra and Audio Technica?
  40. DC Coupling for MC Cartridges - how much error voltage before coil damaging
  41. Magnepan tonearm parts
  42. Simple summing circuit needed for DIY audiophile grade mixer
  43. Looking for used TT recommendations
  44. Phono preamplifier using OPAMPS.
  45. Loud pop every few seconds?
  46. Sony ST-5000FW Tuner Service Manual Wanted
  47. mixing versus scratching needles ?
  48. Building my own TT need some advice
  49. About a phono preamp
  50. Lead Weights
  51. Ultimate MC RIAA phono pre for "Blue Oasis" (Win Research Group) schematic?
  52. Is my Mayware headshell bent?
  53. unknown arm
  54. Misbehaving Linn
  55. Denon TU-260L Tuner:Anyone modified theirs and circuit diagram needed
  56. DC Motor source (& newbie intro)
  57. Oracle Delphi MK.2 Upgrades
  58. How much db gain is needed for 0.55mV output MC cartridge
  59. Harman-Kardon HK 300xm
  60. Has anyone tried to repair a Linn Ittok (bearings)?
  61. Namamichi MR1 Record alignment
  62. problem with Grace g-940
  63. Pearl MC stage Fet/tube hybrid
  64. HPS 4.0 phono stage
  65. Removeable headshell issues
  66. Mpp
  67. Adcom GTP-500II remote code
  68. turntable isolation shelf
  69. Shure M95HE and Shure M97HE stylus interchange
  70. Recommendations for Phono Stage (RIAA?)
  71. rewiring the lenco tonearm - AAAAAgh
  72. were can i find a copy of jvc's closer to the musical truth?
  73. Drawmer & DBX Schematic
  74. Nakamichi MR-2
  75. Which DL103-mod this is?
  76. Hadcock tonearm parts needed
  77. Ashland
  78. AKG P10ED Cartridge and Stylus
  79. Rek-O-Kut pulleys
  80. Lyra Argo vs Audio Technica AT33ANV (AT 33 ANV, AT33, AT 33ANV)
  81. HiDRA (High Dynamic Range Analog) What if . . . ?
  82. no bass
  83. DIY Speed Regulator
  84. Musical Surroundings MM/MC Phonomena Phono Preamplifier
  85. Belt Drive Questions
  86. HELP ZETA-ARM bearing
  87. YAMAHA P-550 TT help
  88. Midnight Blue, the new FM tuner from 47 Lab
  89. Build your own tonearm cable
  90. BOM needed for Mark Kelly controller
  91. Which Cartridge?
  92. Simple Single Supply Phono RIAA opamp preamp
  93. Do MC carts sound better than MM ones?
  94. Accuphase T-101 new restoration
  95. DIY tape rec/repro heads
  96. Revox b77 tape transport problem
  97. Vinyl vs CD - what's your experience?
  98. Need suggestions for the best cartridge match for a Kenwood KD-550 tonearm....
  99. Phono preamp with NJM2068DD
  100. SOTA Turntable schematic
  101. Build your own tonearm headshell
  102. Problems with Pioneer F-104 Tuner
  103. Can anyone identify this tonearm?
  104. Anyone know anything about this TT's?
  105. headshell parts
  106. Shure Cartridge M35S with N95ED stylus
  107. Mission 774 tonearm
  108. Revox B215
  109. How convert Creek OBH-8 to MC cartridges?
  110. Need opinions on Turn Tables....
  111. Club cartridge recommendation
  112. Diagnosing a faulty tonearm cable
  113. eBay Digital Stylus Gauge
  114. Papst Motor Capstan removal ?
  115. Scott Radio 310
  116. Tesla P-1011 Tonearm
  117. record arm slides to end of record!?
  118. Advice on replacing my Thorens tonearm
  119. New acrylic TT from China on EBAY -Anyone actually heard one?
  120. Rega P3 motor upgrade install not right - help please
  121. Vestax PDX2000
  122. For those following: New Technics SP10 motor controller specification
  123. Restore nearing completion
  124. A Bix / Clearaudio Turntable marriage
  125. Vinyl getting stuck in groove
  126. Is it improved compared to the BIX bearing?
  127. my latest diy TT project
  128. Turntable mat
  129. Seeking info: researching the Trio Kenwood L-07D for a magazine article
  130. ReVox G36 15ips mod (100/120Hz)
  131. TV PSU giving me nightmares
  132. Vinyl Archiving Project - To DIY or not to DIY
  133. DIY counterweight/replacement
  134. Advice needed Technics Sl-15 cover removal
  135. Turntable - Reverse Motor
  136. Styrofoam DIY Turntable Kit
  137. Need some ideas for my DIY RCM motor -
  138. Best Turntable? Yamaha P220, MCS 6725, Sony PSLX250H
  139. My DIY Turntable is finally done
  140. Technics Sl 1200 bearing
  141. Newbie DIY tonearm question
  142. Thorens TD 125 turntable motor pulley
  143. need Teres platter diameter
  144. Nad 319 Toroidal in Gedden Clone
  145. Request for Dual CS 714Q manuals
  146. Reborned Marantz
  147. IDLER WHEEL DESIGN-Just the idler...
  148. DD belt drive platter via VHS tape
  149. turntable spindle bushing source
  150. Entry Level Turntable
  151. Polymer bearings as turn table main bearings.
  152. Pioneer RT 707 runs backwards
  153. linear air bearings sources ?
  154. Where to begin with a well-used PL-12D?
  155. An interesting way to clean records
  156. air bearing tonearm links ?
  157. Is this cantilever too far off-center ?
  158. Beautiful and elegant concept design
  159. turntable/record player and unwanted reception of broadcast sw stations
  160. Revox PR99 Input Level Pots
  161. measuring tonearm/cartridge combination resonance
  162. B77 noisey recording
  163. UK FM broadcasts to cease in 2015
  164. Please help about AC motor circuit
  165. Manual for Reel to Reel
  166. Okay, probably a dumb question, but can anyone advise of safest way to fit a pulley?
  167. Help with some weird distortion
  168. Thorens 160 - good deal I think
  169. Size and source of mounting screws for Maxon ReMax motor
  170. Technics SL-5 behaviour problem!
  171. HI-END Phono Amp - QSXM3 RIAA board
  172. JVC turntable speed problem
  173. NAD PP1 modding, psu and others
  174. phonoclone 3 roll call
  175. Technics 1200 tonearm troubleshooting
  176. Micro MR-711, My first DD Turntable
  177. Technics Turntable Auto-Return problem - Please Help !
  178. SME 312S and EMT cartridge
  179. When a Kenwood record cleaner-to be becomes a Garrard 301/Thorens TD124 Hybridmonster
  180. Ipod drive for turntables
  181. Turntable audio output from a Home Theater System
  182. Newbie diy turntable
  183. Revox PR99 auto playing when powering up
  184. Philips linear tracking turntable
  185. Well tempered labs tonearm
  186. DIY turntable using parts from DIY Hi Fi Supply
  187. "DIN" Specifications
  188. Technics SP10 MKII/SH-10E Voltage Conversion?
  189. POOR MAN Teres Audio Versus Motor
  190. Need to find twin arm turntable
  191. DIY electret microphone capsule pre-amplifier
  192. AT 3482 cartridge on a Dual 510?
  193. Microphone transformers as step up.
  194. Turntable Flocking
  195. TurnTable Servicing: Toshiba SR-300C
  196. low output from turntable
  197. convert cm/dyne to um/mN
  198. What are you doing with your new Teres Bearing
  199. Faulty NAD 4100 Tuner - help & suggestions needed
  200. TT motor spindle source
  201. Which model Maxon Remax motor do Origin Live use?
  202. A passively equalized OpAmp RIAA preamp
  203. Micro Seiki BL41 - Worth Buying?
  204. Turntable rumble?
  205. Lab 420 TT...Good/bad??
  206. Tonearm suitable for TD125
  207. 1st attempt at a DIY turntable
  208. Practice run at a DIY turntable
  209. Tonearm Tracking Damper?
  210. grundig tk46 troubleshoot
  211. Kuzma Stogi Reference Help!!
  212. Ths4031
  213. A Carbon Fiber store!!
  214. Inside my Art Audio Vinyl One
  215. oracle alexandria turntable HELP!
  216. New Oracle Delphi owner questions
  217. DUAL 510 - Only one Channel - Repair Help!
  218. ERA Turntable
  219. 1960's Record Cutting Lathe Bearing
  220. How add Coax wire to Fm radio
  221. Internal arm wire problems
  222. Dumb turntable query
  223. Help required for choosing an AC sync motor for a belt driven turntable.
  224. thorens TD125 arm board made
  225. 1210 speed shifts
  226. Going Crazy(er)
  227. First Time Post - Which Turntable Would You Reccomend?
  228. Calculations for MC Transformer
  229. Tape decks for recording bands on, what's a good one?
  230. Sansui SC-5330 cassette deck
  231. Phono input selector switch
  232. Studer A-80 Record amplifier relay
  233. Improved PSU for Technics SL1210 MK2 and SP 10 MK2 (and others)
  234. Cartridge Exciter
  235. tachometer to measure TT speed
  236. How to open the beast (SL-1600MK2)
  237. Bipolar stepper motor idea for custom turntable...
  238. Variable DC power supply to drive TT motor
  239. Amway - Vinyl cleaner
  240. Oracle Delphi MK III speed issues...help
  241. Vinyl track back skipping....
  242. Anyone still make a good Walkman tape player?
  243. How can I adjust the tone arm so it does not miss the edge of the record?
  244. Making a Rega P3 rotate at 16.65 RPM
  245. Help with Air Bearing Tonearm
  246. Pics of my VSPS
  247. Garrard RC121/4d
  248. Nakamichi service manual/schematic
  249. Service Manual Thorens TD160S MKV
  250. Musical Fidelity X-LPS V Mods

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