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emperor 11th April 2007 01:22 PM

Stylus run in time??
IVe been trying to get a turntable FAQ on google, and just cant find anything , in the short time i have on here, im just wondering as i have bought a new stylus, goldring 1042 for my Rega planar 3, how long will it take for the stylus to run in??

tracking and weght, anti skate is all optimum, just sounds a bit thin, somewhere i read run in was about 50 hours, i hope it will not be so bright , ina few hours

thanks andy

AndrewT 11th April 2007 01:28 PM

I didn't know there was wear in time.

I have experienced wear out time.

Is it due to stylus polishing?
or stylus radius flattening?
or stylus hinge damping?
or stylus hinge compliance?

Compliance would be analagous to speaker driver surround compliance (VAS) changing as the driver wears in. I had a speaker (AE1s) that gradually came on song over a period of a couple of months.

kevinkr 11th April 2007 04:35 PM

I wouldn't think more than a couple of hours based on the accelerations present - I assume suspension compliance would settle in very quickly.

50hrs is a significant % of wear out time, in many cases they don't make it much beyond 1000hrs of playing time. Not to mention that even cartridges sitting around deteriorate due to compliant suspension components degrading due to exposure to air and air pollution.

Does this cartridge sound significantly different than what it replaced?

Here is the place for vinyl playback:

billabong 11th April 2007 05:14 PM


Run-in time for cartridges can vary with make. It can take 35-50 hours and longer. A new cartridge should still sound ok, but may need adjustment to the VTA (vertical tracking angle) to achieve a balanced sound. While running in further adjustments to VTA may be necessary. Initial setup is usually with the arm tube horizontal ,or parallel to the record. Rega arms are designed to have correct VTA when used with Rega cartridges. Other cartridge makes may need adjustment of VTA. A thin sound can be corrected by lowering the arm pillar so that the arm tube slopes downwards towards the pillar by a small amount, determined by ear.
The Rega Planar3 arm does not have adjustable VTA (I have read), but an accessory is available, at a price.
As a temporary measure you could place a piece of cardboard or other material, the same size as the platter and with a spindle hole, under the record to raise the arm at the front, to get the same effect.

emperor 11th April 2007 05:15 PM

Hi guys

firstly ive messed with the counterweight a tad, and the controls(anti skate, Tracking force), and everything seems to be working just fine. It was an initial small time running it in. The sound has changed somewhat over the course of 4 hours. What this is due to i dont know.

I know that a styulus is degrading , from the first rotation.

Also, this is an upgrade stylus for my Goldring G1022GX Cart, you can use all the stylus's from the golding 1000 range (1006 - 1042) , as the bodys are all the same.

Thanks for that billabong, i posted at the same time as you and missed that:) Good stuff. i may get my freind who has lots of instruments to set it up, he will know more what hes doing.

thanks for all your help guys

billabong 11th April 2007 05:49 PM

Hi Andy,

The only instrument you need to set VTA is your ears.
Select a record with high frequencies that you enjoy and are particular about, and therefore likely to be sensitive to ( I find Joan Sutherlands beautiful high notes very suitable).
Adjust the VTA until the sound is to your liking.
Experience at critical listening is an advantage and comes with experience, but if you listen intently you should achieve a good result.
I find that if the VTA is set to reproduce the highs spot on , the lows are also reproduced correctly. There is nothing more annoying than badly reproduced high frequencies.

federico moreno 11th April 2007 07:04 PM

hi, emperor.

Some so-so styli need additional polish, which is ¨provided¨ by playing old vinyl. Conaisseurs recommend some 50/100 hours playing less valuable vinyl.

In some cases -and in my experience with cartridges-, the effect is very apparent. I remember some audiotechnica changing it´s sound only after 20/30 lp´s.
Aftermarket or cheap styli benefit the most of this ¨regrinding¨.

Advanced stylus profiles -shibata, VanDenHul, etc- , and good quality conical styli -ie: Denon- usually involve carefully polished diamonds, so they not need additional polishing.


DaveM 12th April 2007 09:30 PM

I always understood that this was not really polishing of the stylus, but the suspension of the cantilever breaking in. The rubber mount that damps the cantilever breaks in with time. My new Goldring Eroica took about 30 hours of playing until the bass response was what you should expect. It was not a subtle difference from the new cart to the broken in one. As the suspension loosens up you get more bottom end and a slight improvement in details. At least this has been my experience.


federico moreno 12th April 2007 10:09 PM

yes, Dave, there are lots of opinions and experiences -some of them verging in the bizarria- concerning vinyl playback...
The suspension break-in is a valid argument, but the diamond tip itself suffers some kind of additional polish. Some experts say that the effect is very noticeable in the first 100 hours or so; then the process reach a plateau, and in the end the stylus itself begins to go south due to wear.

As I said, more advanced tips are inmune to this.

Please, check out

Very good photos and info. And apparently, the author of the document is very knowledgeable.


emperor 12th April 2007 10:53 PM

got to say, Its all sounding pretty awesome right now, im very happy with my *cheapish stylus. No its a fine MM. Until such time i am well and able to work, i will get a MC, worth much more, for now im happy:D

thanks for all the advice guys.

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