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adason 4th August 2006 12:47 AM

tandberg 3034
i need your help with tandberg 3034 cassette deck
which i obtained cheap on ebay
i put the belts on and it works, sort of
sounds better and better every day/was sitting for too long/
the deck was both playing and recording, than weird think happened
i demagnetized the head and now it only plays, but does not record, it erases the tape and records silence
however, when i keep "mute" button pressed, it records!
anybody has explanation for this?
anybody knows how to remedy it?
/i should have never demagnetize that head
should have left it as it was/


gpapag 4th August 2006 08:25 AM

Hi Ed
I have the same deck. It is in use for more than 15 years.
The push buttons are indeed a bit idiosyncratic. It is not the buttons themselves. It is the control logic that causes the trouble (when you press them, they send a pulse to the control circuit. Probably either the pulse is not clear, or the logic circuit is not designed so as to clear the pulse).
In my deck the Mute never functioned. Also the Play button has to be pressed two-three times repeatedly to function as Play. If I press it only once, it functions as Wind.
I have got used to this, so I never went into repairing. I would need the circuit diagram, which I don't have.
For your case, check to see if the same trick (repeatably pressing) makes things OK. Take note if the red "Record" LED turns on when you are in Record mode (Both Play and Record buttons activated). If LED is off, somehow the record command has not been registered by the control logic.
I don't think that demagnetisation has something to do with the non recording. Play and record is done through the same head. It is a narrow gap head and azzimuth adjastment is important.
Soundwise I am very pleased with this deck. It has very clear and full sound. Reviews at the time were attributing it to good circuit topology. Construction is not of production level. I would say it is 100% hand made. (Another reason for to feel attracted to it).

adason 4th August 2006 10:45 AM

hi george,

thanks for reply
it is a great sounding deck, i agree, that's why i spent so much time with it

i do believe that demagnetization somehow "flipped" the logic of mute button

everything works, it plays and records, but when i start recording, the mute is unfortunately engaged
therefore silence is recorded

pressing it unlocks the mute and the music is recorded

it wasn't this way before demagnetization !
it was other way around


sometimes it happens to me too, that when i push play, the solenoid responsible for idler wheel does not engage properly and it starts rewind, however, the head is up the tape with other solenoid already, so it plays fast music, yeah similar as with yours


Tandberg Norway 18th February 2010 06:56 PM

Schematics here, Same player

gpapag 20th November 2010 08:19 AM

As I reused my Tandberg 3034 these days for some cassette to CD transfers, I searched the site for any information about the deck and I saw this latest reply.

Thank you very much Tandberg Norway for the schematic.

Best Regards

szoasis 23rd November 2010 12:15 AM

I reused my Tandberg 3034 these days for some cassette to CD transfers, I searched the site for any information about the deck and I saw this latest reply. :p

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