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Keld 26th November 2002 11:20 PM

What to do with a Lenco
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I was given an old Lenco L75 by a friend at work. It had been collecting dust for some 20 years,
but now I am thinking that I will try to put it back to service. It seems to be working and all
the weights are there except for the 1 gram for antiskating.
My problem is that the stylus is broken. So now I would like some advice for a new cartridge that
would be suitable to this model. Or maybe I just should let it continue to gather dust and die in silence.

Any advice as for what to to with this TT would will be seriosly considered (even such suggestion as throwing
it in front of a train or dip it in gold paint and hang it on the wall). Of course suggestions involving some DIY will get higher ratings.

TIA Keld

PS I have promised myself that if I ever use it for music my friend will recieve a case of beer.

Havoc 27th November 2002 10:41 AM

Hoi Keld. I had the same happen to me and revived it for 78rpm use. There is a thread here about it.

First you should check the bearings of the arm. Grip it gently and try to rock it back and forth, then try to turn it around the long axis. There should not be much play. Problem are the rubber blocks that are used a bearing for the arm. If okay, proceed, else get replaced.

Other thing to check is the drive wheel beneath the platter. Pull off the platter and check if it is still round. If left engaged for years it can become dented.

As for a cartridge, I put a Stanton hifi680 (with extra 78rpm needle) on it. Fits nicely and affordable at about 100 euro. Otherwise, take the shell like you have it on your pic and go with it to a shop, they may have a replacement stylus.

Keld 27th November 2002 11:02 PM

Thank you for your answer.
I have checked out the arm bearings and they seem a little worn.
As for the drive wheel it appears to be in good condition but I guess I will have to play a record to know for shure. I had to shorten the spring that holds the wheel a little to get the speed right.

About the Stanton needle I will look into that But the problem is where I live we dont have any decent HiFi-stores left. All have been replaced with chain? stores where the salescrew just as well could be selling vacuumcleaners at your doorstepp, and I dont even think they sell TT's.
If i went in there and showed them the headshell they would think I came from some planet far away and the thing I was showing them was some component from my flying saucer "No we stopped selling those years ago, there were no demand for them" and then try to sell me some BIG speakers "just like the ones I have at home".

So it seems like mailorder is my only option.

DVC Keld

fdegrove 28th November 2002 01:15 AM


Seriously,is that bad in Sweden?
Gee,I tought we had gone down the tubes:D

Anyways,for cartridge replacement the Stanton work fine,Pickering,Empire and Shure as well.


It seems to be working and all the weight are there except
Yep,that's the first one to get lost with these Lencos.
With a bit of frugalphile (TM) imagination and, as you say yourself, it is one gram a bit of fine fishing line and a one gram counterweight made out of metal can be made easily.

Don't expect too much from the Lenco,it is a good DJ TT but for home use it is rather dated I'm afraid.

Good luck,;)

planet10 28th November 2002 01:25 AM

Re: What to do with a Lenco

Originally posted by Keld
Lenco L75
I'm always on the lookout for this. Rip the arm off and they work great to turn your records while you clean them... no shortage of TTs in this part of the world ... including old console units (including some decent Garrards or Duals for 78 RPM use) i probably have 30 of them ... maybe a half dozen set for resurrection and reuse.

Anyone doing restoration work that needs TT parts...


planet10 28th November 2002 01:28 AM

Re: Re: What to do with a Lenco
And if you want to try to bring it back to life, i have an old NOS Goldring (well almost, it have a few 10s of hours on it from use in my Linn), that would like an arm more like the one on the Lenco. Cost of Postage (est $4 USD).


fdegrove 28th November 2002 01:30 AM

Hello guys,

Imagine that!
30 of those Lencos under one frugal roof he?
Dave I think you solved it.

As far as record cleaners go the Lencos have an almost indestructible motor.
Good idea for a cleaner platform.


planet10 28th November 2002 02:01 AM


Originally posted by fdegrove
30 of those Lencos under one frugal roof he?
No Lencos.

ERA, Rotary Platform, Linn (up for sale), various CEC (generic Japanese), Dual, Garrard, Philips, BSR, TFK, B&O...


Keld 28th November 2002 07:32 AM


And if you want to try to bring it back to life, i have an old NOS Goldring (well almost, it have a few 10s of hours on it from use in my Linn), that would like an arm more like the one on the Lenco. Cost of Postage (est $4 USD).
consider it "sold" I'll mail you later (at work now,busy).


Keld 13th December 2002 12:07 AM

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The Lenco is now up and running. It sounds ---well lets say OK
to late for experimenting now (0200 go to work at 0630) so good night !!zzzzzZZZZzzzzZZZZ.

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