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djrob05 6th December 2005 11:57 PM

Faulty Numark Turntable.. please help!
Can anyone help me... Bought a pair of Numark TTX1 turntables 2 years ago.. Was using them as per usual, stopped one of them, and when I went to start it again nothing happened. This was a surprise in itself as I take good care of them and I'm 3 years into a degree in electronic engineering so I know things like this shouldn't just happen. Then a week later, was using the other turntable when the same thing happened. Emailed Numark about it a couple of times and pretty much ignored what I told them each time.
Now I bought them over-seas so it's a pain to send them back for repair... I opened one of them up to a have a look and saw no sign of burnt our parts, or any damage. Now as far as I know it is the motor that is at fault as I'm pretty sure the buttons for starting and stopping the platter work fine. So does anyone know what caused this and if there's anything I could do to fix this myself? Any comments muchly appreciated!

Jezz-the-Fezz 11th December 2005 03:51 AM

seems a shame no noe's tried to help you with this - you've done all the usual checks for burned out components, fuses etc(!); you should be able to back work it from the motors themselves. Work out what supplies they should be recieving & test that it's happening. Have you disconnected the motors & got them working on a seperate circuit?

djrob05 11th December 2005 10:14 PM

well the motor itself is attached to a circuit board with other components on it and it is hard to see how I could isolate it, I don't have any experience with dismantling circuits or the like so not really sure how I should go about it. I'm not even sure what is attaching it to the circuit board. I've since found out that this has been a problem for some other users of this model thus being a design fault. Unfortuately Numark won't even accept responsibility! Apparently the heat sink isn't adequate for the motor so after a certain amount of use they just break themselves. Is it even worth repairing? Or even easily repairable?

Jezz-the-Fezz 11th December 2005 11:07 PM

When you use the words heatsink and motor in the same sentance, that usually emplies some sort of speed control device. It's either on the board or in the motor - can you get a couple of shots front & back?

Cheers - Jezz

djrob05 13th December 2005 08:08 PM

2 Attachment(s)
here's a few pics of the motor, I spent quite a while going over every detail of the turntable today and it was very frustrating when I couldn't find anything obviously wrong. There's another small heatsink to the left of the motor in the first pic. When I unscrewed that there was a bronze colour around some solder on a circuit board attached to it, looked like it heated up 2 much but it's hard to say if any damage was done. Will try get a pic of that up the next day. Thanks a million for your time Jezz!

djrob05 13th December 2005 08:08 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Here's the rest of the pics in a zip.

Jezz-the-Fezz 13th December 2005 11:33 PM

Hi Robbie,

Picture 4s shows the culprit presumably; can you make out the number of the chip through the heat - transfer compund?

Cheers, Jezz

djrob05 14th December 2005 02:33 AM

hey Jezz, wont have a chance to check out that serial number for a few days... bein doin more research as to my problem im having. It's hard to find what the specific problem is, I only found one person that said it was a heatsink problem and thats all I know. Found a few reports of the motors just overheating, so Im not sure if the speed control IC would be damaged as a result of this or the motor itself? Apparently they brought out a newer version of this turntable with air vents below the platter to solve this problem. I have to say they are a ridiculous company when it comes to company care. I've even been trying to order replacement motor units directly from their parts department and they're taking forever to respond. Very annoying. Any opinions?? p.s. Never trust a Numark product!!

celtic_bhoy 8th February 2006 07:55 PM

Orrite, iv just found this thread after much searching for someone whos problem is like mine. See for the exact problem id been having, but this seems about the same problem that i have. i was just wondering how you managed to fix the ttx after this problem, if you did at all???
It would be much appreciated if you can post back to tell me how you got on.


gduran 25th August 2012 08:39 AM

Numak TTX1 Turntables
I own two TTX1 turntables also. One crapped out on me awhile back. Replaced the motor drive chip (TA7259P). This did not fix the problem. I have tried to contact NUMARK relentlessly with NO Success. I will NEVER BUY or support numark or there product ever again.

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