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fortytwo 18th March 2005 12:27 AM

Completing my DIY TT
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I am currently working on my duy turntable again. ANd i am finally gonna gt it done this time. MY whole picture is to have a seperate system, (turntable, motor pod and 2 tonearm pods) I will have a drilled material (mdf or plexi) as my foux shelf (holes drilled intoit to keep most componets in the same place). This will have 4 isolation feet prolly sorbothane or just wood or dampening material. I am having a bearing machined this week alonge with all remaining parts to get just the turntable together. The pods will be next couple of weeks.

Now the questions.

I have the plinth made out of acrillic 1 inch thick (2.54mm) and a bronze / stainless steel bearing hanging down in the middle. the legs are about 3.5 inches anf about 1.5 inch diameter. These i salvaged and are connected to a center rod with a set screw, the center rod has a pointed foot screwed onto it. and to hold it to the table there is a sleve with a set screw on top of the plexy.
question #1
Should i put a compound (contact cement) between the pointed feet and legs to advoid a vibration?
question #2
I was thinking of putting a 1/4 or 1/8 inch layer of sorbothane between the plinth and the leg and the sleve holding it on. @ reasons first togive adequite pressure (like a strong spring) and second to isolate it. when i tighten it i will put a weight on top of the collar possibily 10 pounds, to peload the sorbothane.

what are you thoughts on this construction. I am trying to save my self errors before i put it together, whitch will be when i get the bearing.

I have no recent pictures, but there are some here of the bad bearing of the plinth and plater.

these pictures are real old.
thanks and a tip of my hat to roger waters (got me to finally finish my table) and someone who i forgot their name but has a awsome design of cutting boards and alumun.


analog_sa 18th March 2005 08:07 AM

Every small bit changes the perceived sound. As the materials you mention all have nil isolation properties at low frequencies all they'll acomplish will be modifiying the sound in the mid and high frequencies. Unless you actually listen to it there is practically no way to predict whether the change will be pleasing or not.

From my limited experiments with building i have noticed that the arm support has probably the strongest effect upon the sound. Of course plinth construction, glues and pointy feet are all very noticeable. A plinth i made changed dramatically from being just bolted from several layers of ply to being lead filled to being glued. Yes, i agonised over the type of glue - it does become a part of the plinth, but at the end just used epoxy.

fortytwo 18th March 2005 10:01 PM

I will have to give it a try either way, i can then change the height between the leg and foot to compensate for the lack of sorbothane. I have this flexibility because of the construction method.

Therefore hainge alumun against acrillic is ok, there is no need for something between them?

fortytwo 18th March 2005 11:14 PM

Who was this where is his posts
I am sorry but i cant seem to find a thred (or part of a thred) that had somes very astecially pleasing diy tt. IF someone could help me find it and point me twardws it i would like to copy his motor / tonearm pods and ask him a question.

The table was made from marine alumun and cuttingboard plastic. It has seperate pods for the tonearm and motor had a funkey shaped 3 footed base with huge ball bearings on the top of each foot section.

Thats all i can remember and describe well.

fortytwo 23rd March 2005 04:17 AM

Found the table.
GazzaFloyd. Very nice table design.
I put a link up on my website.


GazzaFloyd 25th March 2005 01:28 AM

thanks for the complement best of luck with yours if i can help drop me a line

fortytwo 29th March 2005 08:38 PM


I belive that any effort to truly get a unique design is commendable. Yours has one of the magor rules of building a DIY TT and that is great style. I am truely in live with the art-decco design, and i belive we arekeeping that mechanical look alive today.

I do have a question nabout your pods (motor and tonearm). How did you make the top and bottom. Did you machine a grove intothem for the cylinder to sit into or are they flat and have some centering pins in them. I would like to end up with something quite simular.

Currently i am still waiting for the bearing to come back from the machinist so i am building a roger waters style tonearm out of acrillic and carbon. If my parts come back i will finish the turntable


fortytwo 31st March 2005 04:24 AM

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I just got my bearing back today. I polished the staiunless and also the bronze. Here are a few pics of assembly. Now all i need to do is build a motor assy and tonearm pod and i will be listening on it.

This pic is of the bearing after polishing and i am just about to assemble it.

fortytwo 31st March 2005 04:29 AM

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Here are some pics of my tone-arm parts i am making

fortytwo 31st March 2005 04:32 AM

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Finally here is it all assembled.
The core part of my DIY TT is complete.

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