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Carl Ekblom 19th July 2002 09:30 AM

V15 typeV

I have a Thorens TD146 and a Shure V15 typeV. Im quite happy with this combination but I need a new stylus. Is it possible to find some?

If I have to buy a new cartridge, a good suggestion would help. My budget is something like USD/EUR 250-450.


Nickolas K. 19th July 2002 10:25 AM

I suppose it's the XMR type.
You can get one from an authorized Shure dealer.
As far as i know Shure still makes styli for all its models.

BrianL 20th July 2002 07:19 AM


There are other places as well.

Brett 20th July 2002 07:49 AM

If you like the Shure, you can get a new V15 VxR for $US230 at J and R in New York. They export worldwide. An M97 is only $US80-ish.
Shure also have a message board on their site with archive questions, or you can post a new one, that will answer specific questions about availability of older stylii etc. Members of their staff answer the questions. I think you can also trade your old cart in for a new one. Again ask on the Shure site.

If you want to try a moving coil, and you have enough gain for it, how abour a classic Denon DL103 from Phonophono in Germany for about E230

Another source for carts in the US is
Generally cheaper than the Needle Doctor. I've had great service from them.


Carl Ekblom 21st July 2002 09:59 PM

Thanks everyone. You have been to great help:).

As I think the Shure V15-5 works well in my Thorens I think Ill order a new stylus from from one of the suppliers you have recommended. A friend of mine also got interested so actually it will be two of them.


dice45 23rd July 2002 12:04 PM


you can't do that!

...If you want to try a moving coil, and you have enough gain for it, how abour a classic Denon DL103 from ...
The Denon is indeed a very good choice, not only for the money, few MC carts sing like that. But it needs a heavy and super-stiff tonearm.

No way that it will work in a TD 146's tonearm :( , it has the compliance of a small screwdriver.

Carl Ekblom 23rd July 2002 02:24 PM


Do you think the V15-5 is a good choice for the Thorens 146?


Gabevee 19th August 2002 06:03 PM

Hello all,


'Nuff said.


dice45 19th August 2002 07:54 PM


cannot heap scorn on the famed V15V, never had it in my own tonearm. But i heard it at other places and i frequently read complaints concerning lack of transparency, detail resolution and macrodynamics on the German vinyl_lebt mailing list. From my own impressions i second that fully, to me the V15V is a lame job.

although i doubt the tonearm on the 146 supports an MC cartridge like the adult Ortofon ones, I am with you.
I'd like to be more specific, i prefer the Ortofon Rohmann, i call it the poor man's Koetsu Urushi. Also the Ortofon SPU Royal is gorgeous.

Carl again,
if your Thorens 146 has the original tonearm, better stay with high compliant MM cartridges. The AudioTechnica 440 ML might be a good recommendation.

Gabevee 19th August 2002 08:43 PM


I thought both the V15 type IV and the M97 were moving magnet:confused:

I got the Ortofon MM (three moderate level models from $80 to $200 USD. Mine is the middle priced one). Not the most expensive, but compared the the V15 I have and the Audio Technica microline I have, it blows them away by leaps and bounds.

I can only imagine how much better the more costly ones and the MC ones sound.


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