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Whr to buy VINYL records?
Hi there guys,

I was looking for some information as to where can I buy vinyl records in Canada Toronto .I live in Brantford .

Where's the best place and method to buy a few.
should i buy from ebay as whole sale or any suggestions.

I am just so keen in this vinyl sound ,want to try how it sounds. And also I came across some cool DIY turntables in this forum, really impresses me.

any advice would be appreciated.



audio-kraut 6th November 2004 03:47 AM

Regarding the purchase of LP's -
1. Check your local Sally Ann
2. Ebay is a good choice, but only buy from sellers with at least 30 positive feedbacks and those that assess their records only mint when still sealed. Once played is only near mint.
3. Check google, there are still alot of vendors out there selling new pressings. Or look to stereophile - lots of links there

Good luck hunting

BHD 6th November 2004 04:05 AM

Well, I don't know if this will be helpful, but I'll give it a try. Some of the best vinyl in history is being made right now and is available from companies like acoustic sounds and red trumpet online. eBay is a great resource, but has it's risks. I've bought quite a few records on eBay, and only rarely have I been disappointed. Use some common sense and you'll be fine.

As far as local sources go, I recommend thrift stores and garage sales. You never know what you'll find and it's almost always cheap... You spend the time, and eventually something cool will cross your path. But it takes patience, and it helps to know what you're looking for...

jackinnj 6th November 2004 04:07 AM

and speaking of vinyl --

i just cracked open a recording of Othello (LP on Angel with Domingo and Maazel conducting) that I purchased from JR when they were going out of the vinyl biz in the late-ish 1980's -- there is absolutely nothing as thrilling as the first playing of an LP.

BHD 6th November 2004 04:16 AM

Ah, 'tis a truly wonderful thing...

I like the smell, myself. It may sound strange, but there you are...

Totally different than the smell of used records. Usually with used records you get the smell of a musty basement - and the knowledge that you may be the only person on the planet right now listening to THIS vinyl pressing of this recording. New records have a different smell, and the feel of when you pull them out of the sleeve is... well, different.

I'm such a hedonist...


jackinnj 6th November 2004 04:39 AM

I agree about Ebay -- the prices are often just "dirt" and they can be shipped via Media Mail which is about $1.85 for one LP -- you really aren't taking a lot of risk. (same goes for laserdiscs -- which were expensive when they came out, have high quality, but relatively few takers now.)

farmstar72 6th June 2005 04:39 PM

Try local thrift stores like Salvation Army. There's alot of crap, but if you look, you can usually find some gems for $1- that's what they charge in my parts

audiopro 6th June 2005 05:20 PM

Goodwill or other thrift shops, or garage sales, for used. Just check the condition. There are also a few stores that sell used vinyl. Since you're in Brantford, check Dr. Disc in Hamilton (haven't been in years, but they had a great selection at one time).

If you want new, and very good quality check out

vmike 8th June 2005 02:52 PM

I've used many times. It's a search engine that searches used record stores all over the web.


jacco vermeulen 8th June 2005 04:37 PM


Originally posted by vmike
I've used many times.
If ever i need a new car desperately i'll put my Salsa album collection on Gemm.
If i read this Gemm right, the number of +$100 Ray Baretto LP's i have is already good for a couple of tickets to the tropics
I seem to have a Ruben Blades album that is worth 800 bucks.
Lock me up guys, i am sniffing my gold tonight ! :clown:

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