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jam 16th October 2004 01:20 PM

Vacuum pump for Micro Seiki turntable
Has anyone out there replaced a vacuum pump for a micro seiki vacuum tutntable? I would like to know what a replacement pump would be suitable.


jcarr 16th October 2004 04:55 PM

Jam: On a related topic, please keep in mind that the vacuum seals will gradually wear out over time and with repeated use. Unfortunately, Micro appears to be out of business, the fellow running it has effectively disappeared, and no one seems to know where to obtain replacement parts, let alone proper servicing. Micros are still sought-after by Japanese audiophiles, but I know that many of the Japanese dealers have become extremely leery of dealing in second-hand Micro turntables, due in no small part to the spare parts and servicing issues.

The seals on my SZ-1 still work, but I chose to disable the entire vacuum system and changed to an adjustable-pressure clamp system instead (this allows you to dial in the appropriate clamping force for each individual LP). IMHO, the air-bearing of the SZ-1 benefits the sonic performance far more than the vacuum system does.

hth, jonathan carr

jam 16th October 2004 06:11 PM


I wish I had got the air bearing version as well. I think the diaphragm has failed. The original seem's like a modified aquarium pump, which might be the next avenue I examine.

Do you know what the pressure required in inches of Mercury or atmospheres to get the thing working again.


The model is a 1500FG.

jcarr 16th October 2004 07:43 PM


>Do you know what the pressure required in inches of Mercury or atmospheres to get the thing working again.<

Like, hook up the Hoover?:D

No, I don't have the data, but I have put my finger over the suction hose of the Micro with vacuum pump running, and I would estimate that it is similar to what you could exert by sucking in with moderate force through a large drinking straw (the proper point is when your face starts to turn blue but not quite purple :devily: ).

A friend owns a Rockport with adjustable vacuum, and the best sonic results are usually obtained by increasing the vacuum just enough to have the edge seals pull an LP smoothly down with gentle hand pressure applied to the LP label area. More vacuum and the music starts to sound dynamically restrained, with timbres turning increasingly artificial, hard and flattened (insufficiently differentiated).

I take it that you have a 1500 with the bronze platter and vacuum clamp options? AC or DC motor? In my experience, the DC motor offered as part of the 1500 series didn't sound very good - You'll probably get better sound by changing to an AC motor (even with a simple capacitor phase shifter rather than a full-blown motor driver).

regards, jonathan carr

jam 16th October 2004 10:18 PM


Yes I have the bronze platter version. I don't know if the motor is ac or dc yet.

Thanks for you help.


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