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Humanjava 29th August 2004 10:44 AM

Systemdek Help, wow and flutter prob.
I have a systemdek transcription table and as of recently it has been really playing with speed fluctuations. Their is enough to make it sound kind of sick. I changed the belt and as far as I can test the table is level and spins fine (bearing).
Do you think it is the motor
Power Supply (maybe new caps?)
and if it is the motor where can I get another?
Help is needed!


abril 3rd September 2004 07:34 PM

If the main bearing seems OK suggest that the first thing that you go for are the phasing capacitors (remember these should be the same value as present and that they have to take mains voltage - I take it that is 110v in Canada).
Replacement motors are available albeit different manufacturer as the original Airpax are no longer available (I think).

Humanjava 15th April 2006 06:27 AM

Did a full rebuild of the powersupply with new higher quality parts. It is a simple supply to build and similar to Linn or Rega as it is just a basic A sync motor. The problem I now have is that I am positive it is the motor that is going. I have not found much information on replacements and could use some advice on experiences of what company is good or better. I have come across many DC kits but talking to people I have heard mixed reviews. Some say it is more accurate in pitch stability but at the lack of some life. Either way most the kits are more expensive than I would like to do at the moment.

abril 15th April 2006 12:28 PM

All I can do is suggest you go to and have a look at their part no 441-0423,this is essentially the same but may need a change in capacitor value.
If the pulley is plastic it should be easy to swap it to the new motor.

sreten 17th April 2006 02:27 PM


sounds stupid but have you oiled the motor ?
makes a massive difference.

I rebuilt a Systemdek where the motor was making grinding
noises, all it needed was oiling, after that it was fine.


woodturner-fran 20th April 2006 12:15 AM

On the offchance that it might work...

as you probably know most wow is caused by belt rather than motor... and as far as I can tell, those motors seem to go on for ever. If you haven't done it already, it'd be well worth your while first cleaning the belt really well, and then tossing it in some talc/chalk and refitting it, making sure it runs true and not against the pulley lips. Make sure that both pulley and platter are absolutely clean and oil/grease free where the belt will make contact.

I only say this cos I replaced the belt in mine, and after a few weeks I had a significant amount of wow... re-talced the belt and the wow dissappears. This cycle continues every month or so. Must get around to getting a new belt!

Also worth changing the oil in the main bearing and oiling the motor.

If you have replaced some of the circuitry it'd be a good idea to check the voltage going to each of the motor windings - should be anywhere from 85 to 110V.

Let us know how it works out.


Humanjava 19th July 2012 10:53 PM

Wow in search I found this old thread.

Anyways for the old sysdek it was a matter of the belt being slightly off angle. It would bind against the edge of the pulley and cause the wow and flutter.

Point of me opening this again is to see if anyone has an original manual. I just won another one of these guys off ebay and will need to adjust the suspension. Not sure which arm I will use yet.

Phono stage I will also be open to on suggestions to run with my Linn K18.
BTW this one is speed stable :D

Listens2tubes 20th July 2012 03:00 AM

Which model is it? I have a IIX from new. The manual is a card.

Step 5.3 Assess the adjustment necessary by placing a level side to side and front to back on the platter. Turn the adjusting screws until the exact leveling of the platter is attained with an approximate 5mm space between the top of the plinth and bottom outer rim of the platter. (The result will not only ensure optimum isolation conditions for the arm and cartridge but will also give the belt drive the correct operational tension).

Hope this helps.

Humanjava 20th July 2012 06:57 AM

I have the Transcription deck, with full alloy platter.
Sounds like that is just for the leg adjustment but not the actual suspension?
Mine seems to have something that reduced its range. I only say this based on how my other one was setup. I will look a bit more this weekend to see, so far I been too busy this week to really check it out.

BTW what does anyone think of sticking a Clear Audio arm on this deck?

markinuk 20th July 2012 11:36 AM


The IIX manual refers to the hex-head adjustment screws on the top plate (there's no adjustment in the plinth feet).

The original Transcription unit does have foot adjustment for plinth levelling, but the suspension adjusters are under the plinth. It should be possible to turn them by hand.

The adjustment procedure quoted above is correct for both types, however. There's a manual for the Systemdek III (developed from the original deck) and the II on Vinyl Engine. I used to own a II, and followed this procedure when adjusting the deck's suspension (after levelling the plinth).



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