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mattjk 18th August 2004 07:15 AM

My DIY record cleaner.
Finally got around to building this thing.

I bought the VPI 16 to 16.5 update kit, which consists of the suction tube assembly, and a dust cover.

I then went to Target and picked up a Furio file cabinate/coffee table.

The Pro-ject RM4 turntable will go on top, and then the middle shelf will be used for the record cleaner. The small shop vac will go in the drawer, so it will be hidden... that is the nice thing about this stand, is that all the junk can go in the drawer and be out of site.

Here you can see the vpi suction tube mount and the pioneer spindle and bearing assembly installed on the middle self.

Here is the suction assembly and turntable platter installed.

All I need to do now is connect the vacuum hose to the vpi suction assembly and it will be ready to use. For now I'm just going to turn the record by hand... later I may install a motor.


Ropie 18th August 2004 10:22 AM

Excellent! :)

mattjk 19th August 2004 06:23 PM


VT67 19th August 2004 06:34 PM

Very nice indeed!:)


earsandeyes 19th August 2004 07:25 PM

What shop vac are you using
Very smart.

What type of small shop vac are you using?

Capacity wise. The few I am aware of in the netherlands are or to expensive or just doing volume.

Please advise details


jimrick1 19th August 2004 07:48 PM

Terrific looking RCM! One of the VPI RCMs has a switch to reverse rotation of the platter, so you can clean records in both directions. If you do not mind turning the platter by hand, you can clean in both directions, too. I bought a used 16.5 with broken motor a few years ago. Turning the platter manually has never been a problem, and I like cleaning in both directions. The VPI motor turns the platter at 18 RPM, don't know if faster rotation will work or not.

mattjk 19th August 2004 07:50 PM


It is the Shop-Vac model 1x1

Cost $19 usd from Walmart.

mattjk 19th August 2004 08:02 PM

Here is a rough costs breakdown.

Stand. $59 from Target.

Platter and Spindle. Used direct drive Pioneer turntable from eBay. $10

VPI 16.6 suction tube and mount. $59 from

Shop-Vac 1x1 $19 from Walmart.

I already had the turntable and shop vac laying around... so it was even cheaper for me. :)

mlloyd1 19th August 2004 09:26 PM

Very nice work! I think I see a project coming up in the near future ...


mattjk 20th August 2004 06:09 AM

Got the vacuum hooked up.

I found a small parts box and drilled a hole in it to fit the attachment pipe that came with the shop-vac. I cut it down to size, and glued it to the parts box with plastic plumber's cement. I then bolted the parts box to the underside.

The shop-vac was a bit too tall to fit in the drawer, standing up, so I made a little adjustment to the floor of the drawer. I basically removed the drawer, put it on the ground and just put my foot through it! It dislodged the front of the floor and pushed it down just enough! :smash: perfect fit.

I also found a perfect application brush. Got it at the 99cent store, and it is very soft and fine bristled. Perfect for this application! It is made for polishing leather shoes.

I cleaned 4 records tonight, and it works fantastic!!!

The record is very easy to turn, but I still want to install a motor drive... just have to find the right parts.


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