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Kermit100 21st April 2013 05:26 AM

New turntable: Technics 1200 vs rega rp6
My 21st is approaching and I am going to receive some money towards a new turntable. I have narrowed it down to two options. The technics 1200 I can get for around $500 or the rega rp6 with a dynavector 10x5 for around $1500. Which of the two would you recomend? I'm willing to mod the technics but would the total mod costs exceed the price of the rega? My current system includes a dual 601, luxman l-30, yaqin mc-84L and a yaqin ms-12b. I greatly appreciate any contributions and thoughts.

Cobra2 21st April 2013 09:30 AM

I would get the Technics...and first mod; get rid of the MS-12B/get a better riaa!

Arne K

JRKO 21st April 2013 07:58 PM

Technics - rock steady sound and a solid platform to tinker with

Could you swing some extra $ for a toy or two on the Technics?

Kermit100 21st April 2013 11:20 PM

depends how much $$ and what mod that includes. Please explain :)

JRKO 22nd April 2013 08:26 AM

KAB Electro Acoustics good for starters

new arm boards give big upgrade options as well

Nanook 23rd April 2013 08:58 PM

Neither SL1200 or RP6...
...but it depends on the intended use of said turntable.

The RP6 has been extremely well reviewed. The Technics is a long standing workhorse "king". Both have their own merits.

If you have the coin and must have a DD then consider the Technics SP10, SP15 or perhaps a Sony TTS-2250. Then use whatever arm you lust over and build or have built a good plinth. If the electronic controls fail, they can be almost impossible to replace and sometimes more difficult to repair.

The RP6 stands out due to it's improved chassis, arm, motor (and included outboard motor power supply), feet, and improved wiring. The Rega turntables are about as simple as a hammer and even the oldest Regas can be easily put into serviceable condition. By the way, the RP6 is a much better value than the RP3, and sounds superior.

As a caveat: I have spent a fair bit of time with Rega turntables and some with the Technics, but own neither of the tables you have mentioned.

Here's another consideration: an idler drive. Until you hear one for yourself you'll wonder what all the hoopla is all about.

Kermit100 24th April 2013 10:13 AM

Thanks for your input guys
At this point i am leaning towards the Rp6. I cant dispute the fact the Technics turntable is well built (i also have a sl-23 so i know) but to me, The Rega looks to be more on the Hifi side of things. I am still open to arguments as to why the Rega or the Technics is a better choice than the other also.

tabarddn 24th April 2013 10:28 AM

Hi As you are approaching 21 (lucky dog) you have years of listening ahead of you. So my advice would be to get something that is easily Upgradable, so it can you as your system matures. At prsent the is a great buy on Audiogon from TemaadAudio. Its an ex-Demo TT1.5. It has 2 platters, a seperate Off-board DC motor and a 12inch (yes 12) arm for if i remember rightly US$675.:D

JRKO 24th April 2013 10:50 AM

I'm a big DD fan. I went thru the Project range with power supplies & carbon arms etc. A half decent cart in a stock Technics arm did pretty much the same thing for way less.

You can still buy NOS/OEM bearings etc for the SL1200 and ALL parts are widely available. There is a good upgrade path (outboard power supply, strobe bypass, arm etc) if you want to upgrade. The abuse these things can take at the hands of a DJ is epic. A friend of mine had residency in Ibiza and before that owned a 3000 cap. club in Japan - he is still using the same 3 decks after many years professional (ab)use. In other words as a regular deck it has a good chance of outlasting you :D

Pitch is perfect (as you'd expect from a DJ deck where timing IS everything even after being smashed bashed and stuffing in an airplane hold) and background noise of zilch. Pick one up and compare build quality to a modern resin/mdf etc body, glass platter deck and you'll wonder why they cost so much. Panasonic/Technics no longer makes these decks so they will get more expensive over time. They were built like no other deck is built today (until you get into loony Caliburn/Clearaudio decks in the $$$$$ range)

As you can tell I love mine! There is a big following on AK for more stories with happy SL1200 endings!

I'll shut up now

Nanook 24th April 2013 08:18 PM

if leaning towards the SL1200...
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...I'd strongly suggest a good aftermarket bearing. Can't recall the name, but there are some out there that suggest the bearing change is like a complete upgrade to the whole turntable.

The RP6 would be a fine choice, if I was starting out in audio today I'd most likely start with a RP3 or RP6 (although the RP6 represents a better value)

Why not an SP10, SP15or a TT2250 if you can find one? The SP10 and SP15 are clearly superior to the SL1200 from Technics, and the TT-2250 was developed to compete against the SP10.

Idlers have a flavour all their own and even lowly ones can be built into something special (see At Dudley's Rek-o-kut rebuild). Even the lowly Dual and Miracord idlers can sound good if you strip the changer parts and service the remainder. Not all idlers are huge money.

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