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ashleycox 17th November 2012 02:15 PM

Best settings for recording vinyl with audacity.
Hey all,
I'm starting to convert vinyl using my hi-fi plugged into a roland UA-1EX interface recording with audacity. Am trying to figure out the best quality settings. These are the settings:
sample rate
sampling format (32-bit float, 24 bit or 16 bit)
Sample Rate Converter: Fast Sinc Interpolation or high-quality Sinc Interpolation
dither: none rectangle triangle or shaped?

the objective is to record the vinyl in the best quality possible, lose as little of the original audio as possible, but not change the sound too much (i've heard that certain settings can make the vinyls sound harsh)

Just wanted to get some opinions - what would you guys set these too - and why?

johnm 17th November 2012 02:28 PM

Unfortunately I can't help you out with the Audacity settings, other than to say always use 32-bit float. That leaves you with plenty of 'digital room' to perform manual or auto click repair and other enhancements without compromising the quality so much. Then at the last stage save as 24/96, or dither down to 16/44.1 for CD of course.

I capture at 32/96, then perform an automated click repair using 'Click Repair' (tadaaa!), then perform a manual click repair also if need be in Adobe Audition. Then use Izotope RX to convert to 24/96. Then split the tracks in Audition. A bit long winded, but works very well indeed.

I use the UA-1EX myself and I have to say it is a stunning device! I was expecting a somewhat budget sound from its budget price, but in a blind test I cannot hear the difference between my 24/96 recordings and the vinyl itself. It's a VERY transparent unit indeed. Enjoy :)

- John

ashleycox 17th November 2012 02:39 PM

Hi John,
Thanks for your reply! I'm not intending to do any pop/click removal or anything like that, so do you think it would make any difference if I just recorded in 24/96?

johnm 18th November 2012 12:16 PM

24/96 will be fine - but I recommend downloading the trial of click repair:

Resurrect your old recordings | Audio Restoration | Brian Davies

It's fully functional for a month, so if you're quick you can get quite a few LPs declicked if need be. Of course your LPs might well be in better condition than mine ;)

Good luck!


ashleycox 18th November 2012 02:36 PM

Thanks! will check it out.

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