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tiefbassuebertr 31st August 2012 04:38 PM

Strange Features by the MC Head Amp Circuit of Linn's LK-1 (LK1)
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This amp stage consists of a differential cascode and instead the usual current source of the LTP there are two independend CCS. This means, one can adjust the open-loop gain by variation of the value from R6.
The question for me is which job does the jumper with ferrite beads like
(on Main PCB called "LK1" = link1), solder in parallel mode to R6 ??
In the attached picture you will find the Tantal C2 between the phono input RCA sockets. "LK1" with ferrite beads and "R6" (3R3) you will find in the right of C2.

And some more questions:
Linn don't prefer a dc coupled mode. The choice of the capacitor in the signal pad (and NFB) are 100uF tantal in parallel mode with a 22uF tantal.
1) Are there a special benefit for this kind of parallel mode?
2) By which guidelines was fixed the polarity ??
3) How is to determine the voltage gain factor of this stage?
4) There are a ferrite bead on each base leg from Q3 and Q4 (2x CCS). Why?

P. S. Linn's LINTO (first series) uses the same circuit topology (some versions without the ferrite bead).

tiefbassuebertr 7th September 2012 09:09 AM

no informations?
the genuine circuit is here:

ticktock 13th September 2012 11:26 AM

I'm also highly interested in any information about the LK1.
I did some mods on the LK1 more than 10 years ago and hope to find some pics of these.

ticktock 14th July 2013 08:47 PM

Anything you'd highly recommend to change on the line and output stages?

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