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acuscott 9th August 2012 03:15 PM

mounting a dynavector 505 to an Oracle Delphi III help!
I'm new to the forum here and I'm hoping for some help please :)
I just bought the Dynavector 505 and want to mount it on an Oracle Delphi III. I cannot find an pre-made arm board for it so I presume I will have to make my own (mildly daunting) however getting it mounted at the correct distance will be a challenge ( I do not have a scale mounting template ) :scratch:. I have a uni-protractor on the way from Germany in a few weeks so that should help the arrangment, however i would to find a DIYer who has perhaps already done this, or knows a simple way of going about it for the TT.
If anyone has any advice on how I should proceed please don't hold back your post!:superman:
Thank you in advance

kevinkr 9th August 2012 05:04 PM

Might want to have a look around - there may be useful information and perhaps even someone who has done what you are planning to do.

Here: Vinyl Engine | The Home of the Turntable

You need to be a member in order to access the extensive library. Highly recommended.

Do please post pictures and comments as you progress. :D

AVWERK 9th August 2012 11:57 PM

Not knowing the mounting height distance (to have enough room for proper VTA range)
What ever that is, plexiglass is most workable and dead enough for the application.

Another issue is the weight of the arm AND the proper spring combination that gives you a proper equal "bounce" on all 3 corner springs after the mounting is done. This will be more difficult if the spring rates are off. Trying to find a single spring might prove difficult as I have been looking for a couple of black springs myself without success..,.

The tonearm cable should be dressed and exited so as not to interfere wirh the suspension in any way

Hope it works out for you and the 505 is a classic interesting design. If it doesn,t work out, the Sota Star vacuum is a better match overall with the very short pivot distance of the Dyna, but the screw down is the next best thing available.


acuscott 10th August 2012 01:10 AM

Cheers David,
I agree plexiglass is a good material, thanks for the idea. I too am concerned about the correct spring, I expect the dynavector is one of the heaviest tonearms on the market! I'll have to go to Oracle direct for those I expect.
There is tons of VTA adjustment on the 505, I just have to be sure it's not mounted too high!
I'll look into the Sota Star, thanks.
I have searched Vinyl Engine and found some schema however they are all out of scale, but gee if it isn't a wealth of information.

jrlaudio 30th May 2013 05:33 PM

Dynavector arms and suspended turntables are bad combination. The Dynavector arms on Oracles are a particular problem and not recommended. If an Oracle suspension system cannot be tuned to a specific frequency or if the subplatter is not level the sonic performance is terrible. Great turntable, great tonearm, bad combination together.

You would get much better performance if you went with any other tonearm. The Oracle, when tuned properly is an amazing low noise turntable. The Dynavectors are abnormally heavy. Many people who complain their Oracle doesn't sound good have made the same (or similar) mistakes you are heading towards.

Remember turntables are an electromagnetic SYSTEM. Each part can have a major impact and affect on the performance of the other parts.

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