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soundofvoid 10th September 2010 05:00 PM

My last turntable!
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I am over the moon these days because my new turntable project has come to an end after 4 years of planning ,significant expense and personal effort.
It is based on the vertical standing,parallel tracking Mitsubishi LT-5V.
But nothing from this turntable has been used in stock form.
All,and i mean ALL parts have been modified to a small or larger extent to produce the result that i was after.For this project two donor tables were used.
It now has twin belt drive,external heavy duty PSU,a platter with 6 kilos of rotating mass,
upgraded tonearm and cabling,and a sandwich chassis made from aluminum and bronze.Other parts are made from leaded iron.
Turntable only weighs 65 kilos,with motors 92 kilos,with PS 101 kilos!
It is placed on a custom cut 25 kilos granite plate which is decoupled from
the supporting self by a thick elastomer sheet.
It is DEAD quiet,has perfect rotational stability and it's parallel tracking
works like a dream.
Please see photos:

soundofvoid 10th September 2010 05:09 PM

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And here are some more pictures of the PS unit,the turntable with custom plexi cover,detail from rear with transparent cover,motor and PS.

a.wayne 10th September 2010 05:31 PM

Great work soundofvoid ! question , why vertical mounting , advantage?

soundofvoid 10th September 2010 06:13 PM

The original turntable is vertical.The parallel tracking arm does not work otherwise.
The arm is absolutely zeroed in left to right and front to back.Then with a micrometric weight you just dial in your tracking weight.
The company blurb was that it is essentially immune to airborne and ground feedback.
It is a parallel tracker with small pivoting movement that when reaches 0.1 deg of tracking
error the servos cut in and correct it to zero.
It works!

Dmeister 12th September 2010 09:41 AM

It's a real beauty, man ! How much did it cost you ?

masag1 12th September 2010 10:29 AM


Deeply impressed!!!!!

Go on!

Thanks for sharing


soundofvoid 12th September 2010 01:48 PM

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It was a present from my father when i was accepted in the university (i am a vet).
Other tables came and went but this one was always a constant!
I had already tuned it (on a budget) some 10 years ago and came to understand all
the "problems" of the original (built to a price point) execution.
Then a fellow audiophile fell in love with the previous "mildly" (1000 euro cost) tuned
LT-5V i had in my system and offered me a price i couldn't resist!
So i took the money and bought three used LT-5Vs to use for my project.
BUT things pretty soon went out of hand and the whole project took me 4 years to
design,make prototypes in wood,then in CNC cut metal parts,that i personally prepped and painted.Then was the assembly and tuning of various subsystems and the electronics (nightmare) to convert them in controlling two motors with perfect sync.
The parallel tracking is modified to allow even less error,the tonearm is modified with magnesium parts from other turntables,the wiring is all mono-crystal silver from cartridge
to phono stage.
The platter is using (under it) bronze peripheral weights and the subplatter is made from two original subplatters with added bronze weights so that it equalizes the frontal weight.
The spindle carrier has triple modified bushings cut from self lubricating bronze and the whole
assembly is mounted on the chassis with a silicone flange to further dampen any vibrations/noise.
The clamp is a three parts heavy duty aluminum design and utilizes a spring from a car valve!
It is decoupled from it's original carrier which was then been remodeled in aluminum
to incorporate a new metering scale and my beloved green leds!
The chassis is a sandwich construction made from a 2.5 cm thick aluminum between
two plates of 1 cm thick bronze.Between the different metals there is always a 1 mm
sheet of soft silicone to aid coupling and dampening.
Two separate supplies with different transformers are used in the PS box to power the
motors and electronics.

Total cost:I would say somewhere around 5000 euro (excluding the cables and cartridge)
I have kept photographic material from the whole process and if there is enough interest
i can write a detailed presentation of this effort...
And there is my previous (now sold) effort on the subject...

kevinkr 13th September 2010 04:23 PM

Very cool, it was hard to tell from the photographs in the original post just how much effort you actually put into your TT.

I've got more TT than I know what to do with at this point, so I'll not be building one of these, but would still be very interested to see the process and read your (further) comments. Others might potentially be interested in replicating your efforts.

Have you posted over on Vinyl Engine | The Home of the Turntable ? I think a lot of people there would find it very interesting as well. (Just don't post exactly the same things there and here.)

I had a Mitsubishi DP-EC7 back in the late 1980s and early 1980s - I can see some common design elements, (disk size measurement optics, etc.) but I bet this TT with your mods is quite good, far better than my old TT was..

soundofvoid 13th September 2010 06:44 PM

Thanks Kevin!I am a member on Vinyl Engine too...
However all of you that are interested can visit the DIY section of the What's Best Forum where i have posted a 13 part
detailed description (with many huge photos) under the name "The story of my LT-5V"
Since i am a moderator there, i felt obliged to write my story in that site first.
You may have to register to see the photos...i am not sure.
Regarding the LT-5V in original form:it is an excellent player with some really original thoughts behind it, that were restrained by the built to a price point...
Unfortunately very few people know how to set it up as there are things that even the manual doesn't say...There are at least four more points to adjust desides the ones that the manual says...You have to really dig into it's parallel tracking mechanism (five in mine) to make it sing...

theophile 14th September 2010 04:25 AM


Outstanding effort. :)

That is the sort of attention to detail which should be considered worthy of greater communication.By all means,if any site should get your step by step documentation of the process behind a diy effort,it must be here. :2c:

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