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forensicstudio 2nd February 2010 08:30 PM

Studer A812- which tape
I am lucky enough to have just acquired a lovely Studer A812 mk 2 with time code. It is trolley mounted with penthouse and in superb cosmetic and electrical condition with very few miles "on the clock." It has switchable NAB/CCIR eq and the ability to store characteristics for two tapes on each setting. New tapes can be dialled in using the onboard electronics, although I don't know how accurate this method is. The question I want to ask though, is which tapes really bring out the best in this machine? I have come back to open reel machines after many years away as am setting up a new forensic audio/restoration studio. We also need to get our hands on a machine that runs at 15/16 ips and was thinking of a Uher report 4000 series machine, is this a sensible option? All advice greatfully received.

amp_guy 2nd February 2010 08:53 PM

Back in the day (that sounds like Iam a dinosaur) when I worked on such gear the usual was Ampex 456 . I have no idea what is even available today but we usually got the best results with the 456 useing the Sound technology 1510 tape recorder analyzer for measurements.
That's probably not much help but that's my 2.5 cents worth .

goran7 2nd February 2010 09:22 PM

The only tapes available today is made by RMGI, Recordable Media Group International B.V. - RMG International -, or ATR magnetics , ATR Magnetics, LLC.

The tapes coming from RMGI are the BASF clones 911 and 900 together with the AGFA clone of 468.

The ATR Magnetics tape is a completely new formulation.

I have for a very long time liked the AGFA 468 formulation and still thinks it is one of the best compromises ever done.

Jim Leach 25th February 2010 08:31 PM

I guess I'm old too...

I use(d) Ampex 456 as well, although my deck wasn't as nice (Teac 4-track)

Never any issues with it. DID have issues with the deck however, so it is gone now...:o

Ghianni 26th February 2010 08:19 AM

Feb. 26
This great machine can give it's best with most of the professional tapes, if it is properly calibrated. If you look at the SM you will find a table with a batch of compatible tapes that can be used.

AuroraB 26th February 2010 08:46 AM

The general idea about tape recorders is that you adjust it to the tape you prefer or today - whatever you can get.
AGFA 468 used to be great, but I guess today you have to take what you can get, and adjust to that. No tapes are identical......

Ghianni 26th February 2010 09:45 AM

Feb. 26

AGFA 468 used to be great
And AGFA PER 528 also.

No tapes are identical......
No doubt about that, even from tape to tape of the same type.

Sorscha 30th December 2010 09:14 PM

Hello forensic.
Studer for sure performs superb with Agfa PEM or PER. 468 is ok. Ampex grandmaster (456) behaves different. But you need (well, want) to adjust your machine for a particular tape anyway if you want the most out of your machine. Those tapes are already programmed if i remember correctly. And, if erased, easily programmed again.
Read the manual, Yes it is darn accurate sir !

You want to get your hands on a machine that is doing 15ips and asks for an Uher 4000 ? Those lovely machines .. 7.5ips is tops for a 4000. Is it a typo ? or are you really after a portable 15ips machine ? I know I want one but the price ain't right :P
I still use my Uher 4200 report monitor. I just love those old big round vu meters.

miklos 30th December 2010 10:04 PM

Buy new old stock German tapes, like BASF and Agfa, or Japanese Maxell and TDK. Avoid the American ones Scotch and Ampex, they are all sticky and useless.

SDunscombe 22nd December 2014 06:36 PM

A bit late, I guess but...

Did you mean 15/16th of an inch per second? Like 2,4 cm per second?

If that's the case, the Uher will do you very nicely. Particularly the monitor series...

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