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reinhard 18th January 2010 12:21 PM

Parasound JC3 Phono
Any information about that phono stage available?

Is it a cheap Vendetta?

Regards, Reinhard

chrismercurio 18th January 2010 10:18 PM


Maybe we will get lucky and John will pop in and tell us about it...

mlloyd1 20th January 2010 09:31 PM

if parasound hasn't announced "officially" announced it as released yet, john probably can't say much. you'll probably get some good info if you send a note to parasound and say you "heard about it on the stereophile website and can't wait to get one, so please tell me more about it."



Joachim Gerhard 20th January 2010 10:16 PM

Going trough Johns replies i asume that he did work with Opamps this time so no Vendatta.

john curl 20th January 2010 10:54 PM

Not a cheap Vendetta, but a supplement to the JC-2, to add phono capability.

john curl 20th January 2010 11:26 PM

Please get real.

chrismercurio 20th January 2010 11:29 PM

you are most welcome

john curl 21st January 2010 12:12 AM

I should not jump on you Chris, I don't necessarily like the $2000 price tag either. It was designed to be the highest quality phono stage on a few square inches of circuit board that was supposed to mount INSIDE the JC-2, rather than a fancy, very nice external box. Things got out of hand.

chrismercurio 21st January 2010 01:07 AM


I was offended because I gave both you and Joachim a compliment in the body of my post. I didn't know what caused the backlash. I wasn't trying to be snarky about 2k for a phono stage and was quite sure that there would be money left over for a decent supply and good discrete circuit after the box was paid for. I sold Parasound many years ago, (though they were your circuits), and was always impressed with the sound and build quality that they were able to deliver considering the prices. I REALLY do thank you for your work in this industry and was very excited about a new Curl phono stage having heard different iterations of the Vendetta over my years selling hifi.



john curl 21st January 2010 01:23 AM

Chris, what you don't understand is that I HAVE designed discrete phono stages for Parasound, years ago, but they didn't go through with making them.
This design was really for a small insert board per channel for the JC-2. Unfortunately, it 'grew up' into being more than what it was originally designed to do. The original discrete design worked fine, BUT NOW the jfets it used are too hard, and expensive, to get, so it is a lost cause.
You just reminded me of the painful reality of what it costs to make things like this. My next discrete phono stage will cost more than 10 times this unit, and I cannot even conceive of making a unit less than 3 times the cost of the JC-3 in my lifetime. If the insides of this unit were packaged more cost effectively, I would have been more comfortable, as it then might have cost $1000 or so. However, marketing disagreed. Sorry if I snapped at you. It is really the situation that I am not happy with.

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