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Damo72 20th December 2009 12:58 PM

Another RCM (Record Cleaning Machine)!!!
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:D After reading the articles here about do it yourself RCM's I decided to have a go at one myself!!,the hardest things were the bearing and drive and the suction arm (making it work well and not damage the record).I made the bearing from an old motor from a dishwasher!! mixed with a record player bearing,I used a planetary gearbox kit from Jaycar (Im in Australia) 400/1 reduction gave more than enough torque for the job!!,I also used a TV stand that I bought to house the project,a good vaccume, some switches and power outlets,(Im an electrician so this bit was easy!!),Im at the testing stage now and all seems to be working great but yet to compare to standard cleaning,I also bought a steam cleaner so I will try and test that as well!! I will post some photo's now,Thanks to all the people who have posted articles on RCM's,it's been a great help and inspiration!!!.

steven0356 21st December 2009 02:40 PM

Hey very nice! Can you post more photos of the suction arm. That's the thing that I can't figure out how to do correctly.

Speedysteve7 22nd December 2009 09:41 PM

Here's my lash up. Cheap deck and suck from a Vax.
Worked really well out for the box - the silicone tubing / thread in a desoldering pump nozzle must give just the right suction but is very kind to the records but sucks all the cleaning liquid off.

I've cleaned around 170 discs now with this new and old they all get the treatment...

Damo72 27th December 2009 12:36 AM

More photos
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:D Hi here are some pictures of the suction arm,there not very good,it's hard to photograph!!,it is made from 25mm plumbers pipe and wrapped with two layers of microfiber cloth with a big slot cut in the bottom of the arm,i'ts working well,I have cleaned quite a few records now and Im happy with the results!!,I have posted a clip of it working on youtube, search for record cleaning machine!! or here is the address,.[url]

Thanks again.

steven0356 27th December 2009 12:12 PM

Thanks That help

Nanook 2nd January 2010 04:47 AM

does the thread get sucked through or wound on a spool as per the Keith Monks?

I've got an old Yamaha DD that I could use for this purpose. I've actually used a "Shark" vacuum for removing dirt and gunk from records. I was them with fluid and a brush on my turntable, then just use the end of the hose (wrapped with a microfiber cloth taped onto the end with black "electrician's tape") to suck up the stuff. Crude, but works well.

Speedysteve7 2nd January 2010 08:42 AM


Originally Posted by Nanook (
does the thread get sucked through or wound on a spool as per the Keith Monks?

I have observed Mr Monks machine in action - very nice.

No, the thread is static for one sides cleaning and then I pull through about 1/2" new for the next side.

I found silk thread that is slightly thicker to be good.
I am not too concerned about dirt build up during one side - the thread sits in a strong air vortex that seems to suck all gunk off it and looks clean under the magnifying glass after a side. Of course on the microscopic level there will be contamination.

I do have to pull the thread out of the sucker tube every now and then which eventually makes it way all the way to the jar.

I've also tweaked the deck to run faster. Mr Monks uses 66rpm and a gearing system to move the arm over the grooves faster than it would otherwise track them - the thread cushions this action rather than cleaning each groove.
I do this action manually - each side takes about 1 to 2 mins in total to clean a side and it's rather hypnotic and satisfying seeing the clean line progress.
Harder to see on white or red vinyl but then you do by experience and feel

If the suction progression is too slow the liquid may dry in places before done - esp in hot weather. If too fast there maybe small beads of liquid left esp on the lead-in and lead-out.

Fluid I use is home brew; IPA 33%, distilled water the rest with a dash of photographic wetting agent.
I apply / clean with a Clearaudio pad (cost 10) on power spin and then switch off and use a puck that grips well and spin back and forth by hand several times like a washing machine and then suck dry.

I would not be without this or some for of cleaning machine - simple as that.

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