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zandro Palacio 27th May 2009 02:14 PM

Turntable audio output from a Home Theater System
Hi Guys !

I just recently bought a brand new (I hope) turntable on line. I'm not sure of the brand but base on the box packaging, it's Target made from China. It's a vintage or classic type with an FM/AM tuner and a built in speaker. I've connected it to my home theater system (KENWOOD model : KR-V550D) on the AUX inputs only (no connection for Phono). So far I'm not happy with the audio output, sounds' like mono and you can hardly hear the bass.

Anything you can advice to make the sound output even better.

Thank you, looking forward to your reply.


Stuey 28th May 2009 12:38 PM

You need a phono pre-amplifier. This not only amplifies the signal to the correct level for a 'standard' amplifier, but also certain parts of the frequency spectrum are amplified more (a simplified explanation).

When an amplifier has phono input sockets, it already has this inside.


dangus 3rd June 2009 08:08 AM

If it only has one speaker built-in, it may be mono. And on all-in-one units the phono cartridge may be ceramic, not magnetic. It's possible, too, that the designers have deliberately limited the bass to prevent the built-in speaker and amp from making unpleasant noises.

Are there places where you can buy vintage turntables? From time to time I see really decent ones in thrift stores here at giveaway prices.

Westerp 3rd June 2009 09:19 AM

My 2 cents:

Don't even bother and buy a decent turntable with a phone preamp.
Sell this piece of plastic as soon as you can before it eats your records ;)

zandro Palacio 4th June 2009 01:31 PM

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Hi Guys! Mabuhay! from the land 7,107 islands.

First, I would thank you for your time & effort for giving me some advise. I'm a music lover and I have plenty of CD, cassette tapes collection ranging from Rock, Pop, RnB, Jazz, Hip-hop, standards, reggae & even death metal. I'm a fan of music. And recently as mentioned earlier I bought a turntable co'z I want to revive my father's LP records and I also want to collect a variety of music players. My interest grew even more when I noticed that record bars here recently sells LP's. I saw Madonna's "Hard Candy" & U2's "No Line in the Horizon" & a couple of Metallica's previous albums (man! it's expensive but I'm planning to buy them all in the near future, I hope. What's with the revival of LP's. For me it's good news more choices.

To Stuey : thanks for the tip, but I think a Pre-amp is way off my budget, I searched on line & it's quite expensive. My wife gonna kills me (she even didn't know yet that I bought a record player).

To Dangus : It's a two way speaker, you can also hear a decent sound if you play it using the built-in speakers.

To Westrep : Thanks for the concern.

Anyway I have friend, he's into mobile (Lights & Sound provider). He said that a mixer will do to amplify the sound on my Home Theater system. Lucky me, I have me a Phonic Mixer 2-channel (I think) which I bought a couple of years ago. My wife went ballistics when she found out I bought a mixer. Just told her it's very cheap & it's on sale. I haven't tested it yet, maybe this coming saturday June 06, 2009 I will. Well I'm not a real techy guy especially when it comes to turntable, but I hope my friend is right.

Just to get your opion I've attached a download photos & information about the product.

Thanks again.... CIAO!


Westerp 4th June 2009 03:34 PM

After seeing the pictures once again, do not torture (when you value them) your
records. The sound coming from this piece of ....... will be enough to stop listening
to records as well. Any decent turntable from a garage sale, thrift store and such
for a lot less than what this sells for will be in a different league quality wise.

Stuey 5th June 2009 11:45 AM

Zandro, you don't really have a choice regarding the phono pre-amp. You must have one to drive an external amp correctly. If the mixer was designed for DJ use it may have one built in.

Theoretically, your unit would have one built-in (as it has its own playback capability), but it's unlikely to have an output from this preamplifier, to power an external amplifier like your home theatre Kenwood.

Sadly, I agree with the above. You'd be better looking for a known brand of second hand turntable - Dual, Pioneer, JVC, Marantz, etc. etc. Some may even have a phono pre-amp built-in.

Note that a phono pre-amp isn't necessarily expensive. Generally, all amps with 'phono' sockets have them - they are just a tiny circuit. Admittedly, separate ones with audiophile pretensions get pricey, though.


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