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Malefoda 12th May 2009 08:51 PM

TurnTable Servicing: Toshiba SR-300C
Hi guys,

I've been lent a Denon TT and some good records to listen to and now I want my own TT, for occasional use (99% of my records are CDs).
The Denon living at home right now:

I've got one vintage TT for free, a Toshiba SR-300C. The cartridge is a Shure M91ED and the small handle to pull the stylus is broken. Anyway it's working (the cartridge on the Denon).
Global state is not so good.

First I want to service it as much as possible even if I have to remove all. Is it wise to glue with super-glue the cover?
For the wood... it's cheap 0.5mm particle wood with vinyl or such cover like wood vener. I wish they put wood there...
I need to source at least a belt, anyone? And maybe some other things? Oil? Bearings?

about the cartridge I may choose something for less then 50 or more if "a real bargain" and I've found right now in order of price :
Shure's stylus @ Andersons Music
Audio Technica AT95E
Sumiko Oyster

The Shure is a bit too "noisy" and not foot tapping or invloving I find. I want to be moved by the music, not just hear it even if on cartridge may be not so good as some specs.

I'm aslo open to ways to tune or modify it if needed.


RCruz 12th May 2009 09:20 PM

Hi Matthieu

Look for loose bearings in the arm... Do these present any play ?

Save for a Denon DL 160... than you will hear vinyl magic.

Can you post a picture of the underside of the platter ?


Malefoda 12th May 2009 09:42 PM

Hi Ricardo,

I don't want to save for a better one I just want to be able to play some LP when someone bring me one home, no purchase of LP will be done only if given or no if a record is more sold ;) Only !
Unfortunately the platter does not want to be taken off, something block it from under. Or I am to shy pulling it... Maybe I need to open the TT from under but this is very hard to do: how to put this up-side down? There is the arm! or maybe on the side...
That's my next mission with play check on axis of the arm.


Sorry just understand the DL160 is not a TT but a cartridge... ;) So I may go for a new stylus and later a definitve DL160 :)

Malefoda 12th May 2009 11:27 PM

Night readings...
The AT95E is the best bang for buck seems.
Maybe I'll go for it...

Malefoda 13th May 2009 07:35 PM

here we go... for this less than average stuff...
An AT95E is on the way, and a belt.
That felt off the bottom. Seems new and maybe it was there by mistake.

RCruz 13th May 2009 08:21 PM

Looks in very good shape.

Oil the bearing, use dumping bitumen under the platter (It also adds some mass... benefic for bass reproduction).

The arm looks allright and maube you can set VTA using the top and under screws... verify if you can lower the arm base. (VTA is needed to fine tune the cart output).

As per the belt, measure the initial one and look for tape recorders belts.. easy to find and inexpensive. (Use chalc powder on the new belt to eliminate grease and enable slip).

IMO DL160 is incomparably better than the AT.


Nice dismantling work.

Malefoda 13th May 2009 09:11 PM

Hi Ricardo,

In fact it seems it's a nice and simple TT and a very good starter :)
I'll save some bitumen when I'll got to buy something like for my CDP or such ;) Just under? No problem for my motor to move it? The fact I have sometimes not even 200V instead 230 here may be a problem or not? The motor is frequency of AC sync?
what is VTA ?
I've taken the AT as it is super cheap, 30, and said to be the best price/quality possible under 50, enough for me right now.



RCruz 13th May 2009 09:33 PM

OK for the low budget AT !

VTA (Vertical Tracking Angle) (Lower the arm base = low VTA gives more bass output but less high freq detail. Lift the arm base and you get better high freq detail until in gets edgy...) You must find a balance... there is always a sweet spot.

The motor is AC frequency locked.....
I am not sure your type of motor can be powered with less than 220v otherwise you could lower its noise using a TX (220 - 110). You can try if you have one of those tx available. It lowers motor noise and you get enormous gains in detail ... (similar to powering the decoder / servo with a dedicated psu on the CDP) I am using a 220 -> 110v TX 500VA in my ariston RD80 premotec AC motor.

Your motor is capable to turn very heavy loads as is, so a little mass on the platter is always welcome.

Heavy platters give the best bass.... Myne weights 4~5 kg and I would like to have a 30kg one !!!


Malefoda 14th May 2009 09:21 PM

There is a switch for main to be chosen between 220 and 110, right now locked on 220 but's a one screw lock ;)

RCruz 14th May 2009 10:06 PM

Do not switch to 110v and feed 220 from your mains !!!:hot: :hot: :hot:

It will kill your motor for sure.

I meant you can try to reduce input voltage (using the TT set up for 220), and benefit from less motor noise.

With less voltage, the motor might loose some torque but produce lower noise.


I am not sure about your motor... maybe it must use 220v... try if you can.

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