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konstantin 24th April 2003 06:00 PM

My DIY Turntables and Schroeder based tonearm
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Here are some pics of my DIY Turntables and Schroeder based tonearm. I'll post some more detailed pics as soon as i get my digital camera back. (Did you heard that Chris:goodbad: )


konstantin 24th April 2003 06:01 PM

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Another one.............

konstantin 24th April 2003 06:03 PM

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And.........another one

konstantin 24th April 2003 06:10 PM

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And the last one.
In construction phase but.......not for long:idea:

konstantin 24th April 2003 06:12 PM

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from another angle:bigeyes:

konstantin 24th April 2003 06:13 PM

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And...........from another angle (ouffffffff)

fdegrove 24th April 2003 10:54 PM


Sincerest congratulations.

Absolutely marvelous pieces of art.;)


livemusic 26th April 2003 09:13 AM

Beautiful, stylish, work quality well above average DIY - I'm jealous... Congrats!
Give us some more details! Clearaudio-style TT is especially good - want to know more: bearing, motor/controller, materials used. How are bearing and legs connected to the double-deck base?
Would be great if you share your experience with the rest of community.
Best regards,

konstantin 26th April 2003 11:11 AM

Hello M.

The basic material is solid PERSPEX (acrylic) which i think is a bit harder than Plexiglass and easier to work with. All the pieces were made from one solid piece, even the platter which is 76mm high.
The metal parts (spacers between subchasis,support plates, motor rod, tonearm, rack) are made of solid, very hard, Stainless Steel 314.
The spacers have Silicon O-Rings between them and the subchasis, to avoid direct contact and to rather reduse any vibrations coming from the rack which is also solid and weights about 65Kg.
The bearing is a classic thrust ball, plate configuration which are made of Tungsten Carbide (Ball) and Cobaltium (Plate).
For the point of friction i tried lots of materials, like Teflon, Phosphore Bronze, Delrin but it ended with (two 8mm rings with a 5mm space between them to hold some very thin oil) a thermoplastic material called VESCONITE.
These two rings are also having about 10, 1mm holes to rather hold some oil, because the overall gap between rings and main rod was succesfully held down to 0.05mm.
The main rod have a coat of highly polished hard Chromium to rather reduse friction .
The motor is build in a massive 14Kg solid stainless steel base and is a synchronous type made from PREMOTEC, but i will try a DC from MAXON in the near future.
The tonearm is of my own design inspired from the exsellent work of Mr. Shroeder. It is made of stanless steel and the armtube is made of carbon fiber. The internal cables are from Siltech and the connectors are WBT. That's all (ouf).

Fell free to mail me if you need any more info at:

Regards from GREECE

livemusic 26th April 2003 06:21 PM

Thank you, Konstantin for your information!
I'm puzzled a bit about introducing compliant silicone O-rings in vibration path. It seems to be in contradiction with the high mass unsuspended design motto: to damp without compromizing vertical stiffness. The same note applied to the thrust plate - is VESCONITE more compliant than delrin?
Another bunch of questions: have you abandoned previous (?) SS platter design (Simon Yorke - like)? What is the difference in sonic signature in comparison with the solid perspex?

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