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IZHAKKATZ 11th November 2008 04:43 PM

help- retiping denon dl 103
Hi all,

Just got an almost new Denon Dl 103 with about 20 hrs of use,
While still in the box my son dropped it and the cantilever broke !

Where can it be fixed and roughly how much should it cost?

Please, can anyone advise?


kevinkr 11th November 2008 04:57 PM

I expect you won't find anyone in Israel able to do this work, however there are a number of outfits here in the states that can do it, specifically Sound Smith comes to mind, found here:

These guys seem to be very highly regarded and I am considering sending my Grado Platinum Reference there when the time comes..

There is also the deservedly legendary Van Den Hul in Holland, they also do cartridge repairs and retips as well as having a line of amazingly good cartridges. (Expensive)

Unfortunately repairing/retipping might cost as much or more than a whole new cartridge. This one probably can be traded in towards a new one. (Most brands) You might want to check.

New cartridges can be found at:
(I have done a lot of business with these guys..)

All of these firms will ship overseas and it should not be a problem to ship a cartridge to Israel. (I'm not sure about Israeli customs duties however.)

There are also a number of good options in the UK, perhaps one of our members from there could make specific recommendations.

IZHAKKATZ 11th November 2008 06:17 PM

Thanks Kevin,

I do have reletives in the US, so shiping would be fine....

I never even got to hear the Denon to see if its worth trading for a new one....

many thanks for the info


Whell 11th November 2008 07:05 PM

Soundsmith would charge minimum $150.00 USD. You can get a new DL103 for close to that kind of money here in the States.

They do have options - for more money of course - that include a ruby cantilever with elliptical, for example, that might improve the performance of the DL103. The downside is that the changes could also detract from the sonics that make the 103 a real winner to some people's ears.

I'd simply go out and buy a new 103. I'd follow that up by grounding my son until his 21st birthday!:dead: :smash:

Capt Zach 11th November 2008 07:10 PM

I second the Soundsmith recommendation, if you have the money. I had a cartridge done with them recently, and was impressed. I have no first hand experience with the denon, but have read some positive experiences from individuals who have retipped them with the high-end styli. I know the company is swamped with orders and the head of the company has been ill recently, so I would expect a long turnaround.

analog_sa 11th November 2008 07:26 PM

To have a 103 repaired anywhere is kinda silly. It just doesn't make any sense at all. Apparently Sound Smith can rebuild it to much higher specs and turn it into something entirely different but that's no longer a 103. And it no longer costs the same as a new 103. The cheapest, least stressful solution to have a working 103 is just to buy a new one.

duderduderini 12th November 2008 11:37 AM

But what of the son?
The advice is good re the DL103 just buy a new one
What are we going to do with the boy?

h_a 12th November 2008 02:51 PM


that include a ruby cantilever with elliptical, for example, that might improve the performance of the DL103
Never ever do that with a DL103.

The stock DL103 has a spherical stylus since the 60ies of last century for good reason. This cartridge is the only I know of that employs sort of tracking error cancellation - that is in principle only possible for spherical stylii. I do know that there's a more expensive 103R which is said to have an elliptical stylus. If that's true and how (wether?) that works at all I don't know in that case.

Have fun, Hannes

PS: I would also say to get a new 103 for the money of a retipping.

IZHAKKATZ 12th November 2008 04:25 PM

Hi All,

A new Denon is now out of my budget !
I may get a Shure M97xE.

Open to sugestions what to do with my 1.5 old son.....


Zen Mod 12th November 2008 04:47 PM


Originally posted by IZHAKKATZ
Hi All,


Open to sugestions what to do with my 1.5 old son.....


give him a hug ........ and kisses - as much you can ;)

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