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Jrook 11th May 2008 12:55 AM

Zu 103
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Ay er howdy, Just added the Zu 103 cartridge to the Notts Spacedeck. Very nice sounding cartridge indeed. Was given the heads up on this pickup from Mark Deenan of JuicyMusic.
Anyone else using this pickup? Would be intersted in your results... views.

Thank ee


vinylkid58 11th May 2008 05:13 AM

I have a stock DL-103 which sounds pretty decent, especially for the money. It was supposed to be a stand-in for my Glider while it was off being re-tipped. Well, long story short, the Glider is still here and I'm thinking of upgrading the Denon with an ebony body.

Very nice system BTW. Love the 166 BLH's. What are you using to step-up the Zu-103?


Jrook 11th May 2008 05:34 AM

Zu 103
Hello Jeff, thanks for the compliment. Actually I'm borrowing a Audio Note SUT built up in DIY enclosure while Mark Deenan installs the Cine Mag SUT in my Blueberry preamp. I'm pretty familiar with the Cine Mag sound and it suits the Zu 103 very well.
I think JuicyMusic uses Peerless transformers in the top of the line
Blueberry preamp. I traded a few vinatge Mullards for the Cine Mag SUT's so for me it was a good fit.
I would strongly encourage you to give a listen to the Zu 103 before laying out the cake for the ebony Denon 103. I don't know what that would set you back but I can tell you that the Zu is $400.00 direct from Zu. I think you could actually demo it for a month before you commit to buying. You must hear it for yourself
Art Dudleys review was dead on. It's really very special.



vinylkid58 11th May 2008 06:15 AM

Hi Jon,

I can get an ebony body from Uwe in Europe for approx. $110 US plus shipping. It's just a matter of extracting the stock DL-103 out of the plastic body and inserting into the wood body. I'll try that for awhile and them maybe go for the SoundSmith $250 re-tip with ruby cantilever.

Or maybe I'll try the CineMag's...........


Jrook 11th May 2008 01:59 PM

Zu 103
Jeff, that seems like a good price for that body.For some reason I thought they were more expensive than that. Now extracting the guts of the Denon is another story. I'm not sure my nerves could handle it! Anyway sounds like a reasonable price for the whole upgarde.
Let me know how it turns out and also post some pictures of the rebuild of the new body when you get going. A lot of people would be interested in seeing that including me.




vinylkid58 11th May 2008 06:47 PM

Jon, check out this video clip on how to nude a stock 103/103R.


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