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Dryseals 28th December 2007 05:10 PM

Turntable Hunting
I folks. Old guy here trying to play catch up looking for a new turntable or an better older one.

I'm shure this has been asked before, but after a lot of searchs, I couldn't find anything.

What I'm looking to do is to convert a bunch of my vinyls and a friends to a more modern format. Together we have over 2000 albums some very unique flash in the pan type bands that made some good music, but for what ever reason, never went anywhere.

Since this is going to be a joint project, I built him a nice PC and added an EMU 0404 sound card that I was using with Sound Easy on another machine (good excuse to upgrade). And finished refurbishing an old Yamaha CA-800 for an amp.

Now the question. My old Sony PS-X600 turntable is dead, I've bought the service manual for it, but the trigger on my scope is not holding steady (another repair job in the makings). I have a few older turntables but they are not of the quality I would like for this task and I still have a few cartridges hanging around, Ortofon, Shure, Audio-Technica etc, etc.

What I'm looking for is a good modern turntable or recommendations for a good older brand. Nothing pricey, but something that works well.

I looked at the USB types but I'd rather go direct so I can monitor through the amp and the sound card. And I noticed that many of the newer ones looked very cheap and had no real adjustments for the tone arm. Compared to my old Garrard Zero 100, their bland.

Any help?

stoN_Cold 28th December 2007 06:18 PM

Hi! Dryseals !
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How old guy?I, have over 50 & I, never beck to LP-s & turntable. But I, have over 300 LP-s,keeping dust.

My favorite TT. are Technics SP-10.

Regards zeoN_Rider

Holger Barske 28th December 2007 06:48 PM


Technics SP-10
Rare and expensive.
Go for a good used Thorens TD-160, TD-125 or TD-126.
And, if you give it a decent cartridge, you will sooner or later rethink that "going for a more modern format".

Dryseals 28th December 2007 07:28 PM

Thanks guys, I never even knew that Technics made such a turntable.

The Thorens, I take it are older models, judging from the asking price on Ebay, they seem to hold their value well.

"Going for a more modern format" will allow me to take the music with me.

I see where many folks have built their own turntables, I wanted to do that back in the 70's can't even remeber the brand of the tone arms now. Been doing some reading and trying to jog the old memory.

Keep it coming, maybe I will just build one.

KP11520 28th December 2007 07:42 PM


Buy a Used or a New Technics SL1200/1210 MKII.

IMHO you can't beat them for the price and precision. They were designed for... no not disco, but for quadrophonic vinyl and that needed the precision. When the quad never really took off, hey we can use these for the new disco scene! Indestructable direct motors that are smoother than anything else out there and mass production keeps the cost down and value high! Rewire them and they sound even better!

Good luck!


johnbrown 28th December 2007 07:45 PM

Yeah, if you can diy you can make a nice tt for relatively little money. I'd recommend buying a Rek-O-Kut off the bay, either idler or belt drive. The belt drives use a Papst motor which is a beautiful German AC motor (I replaced the motor on my VPI Aries 2 with one.) You then use the platter and bearing in your own, diy plinth.

The idlers have their proponents also. The idler wheel(s) will probably need to be rebuilt (25.00 each) and then, again, a new plinth.

Finally, a used tonearm, say a Rega 250, and you're in business.

Lots of info here and on the web, and I'm just tossing out ideas here.

Good luck, have fun.

Dryseals 28th December 2007 10:16 PM

Great replies. Thanks, the Diy is sounding a tad more interesting. I have access to all the machine work I could ever need, could be interesting to do a ground up. Of course that will put my vinyl on the back burner for a while. Better buy one instead. But I'll keep looking.

tvi 28th December 2007 10:32 PM

Kenwood Kd-3055 look good for the price?
Belt drive and weighs 25 pounds.

Your Sony might be better if you can get it going
hi-fi world oldeworlde sony biotracer


nobby1 28th December 2007 11:07 PM

Hi Dryseals !
what is your budget?
I would also suggest a traditional Thorens (like the 145, Jubilee series, 160) or the basic Michell's (e.g. the Focus One) which are fine and easy to service machines even the DUAL rp's are fine.

My Collection:
- Thorens TD 126 MK IIIE with SME Series III detachable (3 arms)
- Thorens Jubilee (TD 147) with Thorens arm TP 16 Mk III
- Audio-Linear TD 4001 with SME Series IIIS
- Michell Focus One + ADC arm + ADC Astrion
- Sugden Connoisseur BD2A
- ERA Mk 6 with SME Series II impr. non-detachable
- Wega Modul 42 P (Sony) Direct Drive
- Living Audio LAD 3000A

btw, there are solid and fine US record players from AR, Fisher and Scott for which it is worth to go!


Dryseals 29th December 2007 05:16 AM


Originally posted by tvi
Kenwood Kd-3055 look good for the price?
Belt drive and weighs 25 pounds.

Your Sony might be better if you can get it going
hi-fi world oldeworlde sony biotracer


Thanks TVI, I do want to get the old Sony back up and running. I was looking at the service manual today and from just glancing over it and the way it died, I'm shure it's just in the power circuit. I always loved that TT.

I remember when I bought it, their claim was to have removed effective mass with the tone arm controls. Back then, it was the last great hurdle for TT's. I felt CD's would be out next and the very next year, CD's were coming on to the market.

The PS-X600 had a lot of failures from the factory, most died within a few months. Mine lasted for many years.

I did take a look at the Kenwood, I remember them, I had a Pioneer that was like a spin off.

Man, talk about clearing the cobwebs. This is some good stuff, I'm glad I found some folks that share a common interest.

Keep it coming guys, I'm eating it up.

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