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Garnett 8th June 2006 09:59 AM

Getting sound from my telly
Sorry if this is in the wrong place and sorry for such a basic question. Hopefully someone can set me straight quickly and so this thread can fade away!

I want to put the sound from my telly through my Hifi.

I have a really old telly and a really old Marantz pm 47 amp.

I have triedconnecting the audio outs on the telly to the aux on the amp and nothing.

I can get sound from the DVD player no problem.

I wasn't hopeful and had given up when yesterday I noticed that sound from the telly was coming through the speakers of my hifi!

This is not the solution.

I only noticed when I put the telly on mute. Some sound was coming through the hifi which was still on the setting for my DVD player, which was switched off.

The sound was very low (which is why I only noticed when I muted the telly)

So I an get sound, through the DVD player (switched off) but which is very faint.

This makes me think there must be some way to get proper sound through my Hifi.

I though I could possibly do it through a scart - RCA converter.

Has anyone got any useful suggestions?

Sorry to be such a nuisance.

uvodee 8th June 2006 09:39 PM

should be perfectly

try this:

they let you build it yourself or order it ....

by the way, ever since I moved to the US, i really think they should ahve taken over the scart system as well....

but alas


Steerpike 9th June 2006 10:35 PM

Could be an incorrect SCART lead. Some SCARTS are wired up only for 'input' and not output (such as those you get free with a camcorder, for playback on a TV).
The reason you get a faint sound is capacitive coupling/leakage (generally an undesirable effect) between the input/output pins in the scart plug.
Personally I HATE scart plugs. Fortunately most of out equipment sold here comes with RCA/BNC connections.

SheldonD 10th June 2006 12:18 AM

This may jnot be applicable to your televisiondepending on its age..

Many years ago I used coax attached to the volume control
pot. ; the center goes to pot wiper and the shield to ground
the other end of cable with RCA into amplifier.

EC8010 10th June 2006 07:05 PM

If your telly is really old, I assume it isn't NICAM stereo? In which case, the FM sound will have 50Hz field scan buzz plus 15.625kHz line scan whistle on it. If you have a more modern video recorder, pick up the sound from there.

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