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Hengy 8th January 2013 01:25 PM

LM1036N Potentiometer Type
Hi everyone,

I just have a quick question regarding the LM1036 vol/tone/bal IC form TI. Should I use linear or log taper pots?

My initial thought was to use log, as that is what is used for audio. The datasheet does not specify which type to use, so log pots would be logical.

However, over-thinking it like I do everything, it's possible that they incorporated internal circuitry to act log - they did design the chip to be simple, right? I just want to be absolutely sure before I place an order on Digikey!


east electronics 8th January 2013 02:05 PM

you should be worried for the sound of the chip which is actually horrible far more than the type of pots you are going to use for sure for all other applications have to be linear for volume i actually dont know

last time i worked with Lm 1036 was 1986 i think

Then again a good study of the specs may end up to a better solution like less gain at the tone controls quality supply and implementation of pcb perhaps with some quality capacitors might bring a better result

Again there should be a not enough gain issue ( if i remember well ) and still this could be interesting to keep an eye at if you manage to come up with better results .

Finally and to my understanding the goal of the 1035 1036 was the Dc voltage control operation that could make a remote ore very remote distance easy to operate IC ... Nice idea and today you have million of applications like that but in 1985 i dont think that any one manage to use that properly

Let us know that could be interesting to look at once more

get a Lin pot which has better tracking anyway and if log is finally needed a couple of 1/5 of the value metal film resistors will do the trick and convert a lin to a log .

But as said the interesting part is the quality issue

Kind regards

Ambrogio 14th January 2013 05:02 PM

I am going to replace a faulty pre amplifier on my old system.
I was looking at the 1036 and 4610 due to their simple implementation.
I do need treeble, bass, vol , bal and loudness and 4 inputs selector.
My old system was built around the low noise op amp at that time.
I do understand you are not recomanding the use of 1036 ( 4610 ): have you in mind a HI FI solution to suit my need ?
Thanks for all the assistance on the matter.

east electronics 14th January 2013 05:26 PM

repair and upgrade your old unit ( I didnt manage to understand much though from your post )
1036 and 4610 look alike

remember that both of these ic doesnt have any gain at all so these are not actually preamplifier its a control stage that needs an op amp in the output to increase some gain

state brand and model of your equipment please

kind regards

Ambrogio 14th January 2013 08:20 PM

Thanks for the reply,
My present system uses TL_072 op amp that where available to me at that time.
As told , they performed Treeble, Bas, Balance , Loudness and volume control. There is no Pick_up interface and so the total gain and buffering is around +6 dB.
Now I am thinking to replace this broken circuit ( no longer working ) with an LM1036 or LM4610 integrated circuit just for simplicity. I could put some additional IC's if more gain is required..
Based on the forum experts opinion, are those IC's suitable to replace the complicated old circuit in my system ?
The power amplifier has a sensitivity of 1 Vrms for full Power ( no clipping ); it is based on 2sk135 and the other complementary MOSFET ( 2sj... ) in TO_3 package . A total of 8 MOSFET's are used..
Thanks again for any suggestion.

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