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Linni 8th December 2012 07:03 PM

Linn Kairn repair
Hello friends,
need some help.
I own a Kairn with a round brilliant sps that is near to die.
Its serial 1612. So it was updatet years ago from linear transformer to that round brilliant sps. I own both now, the brilliant sps(not working) and the linear kairn transformer, i want to use now.
Question: - is it possible to go back easily and set the linear psu instead of brilliant sps?
- Does anyone know the voltage on the secondary side of the linear psu? is it the same like round brilliant? Ther are loose cables on the linear psu.
- Do i have to change the rectifiers or something else?


Next days i upload some pics of both psu and my fix of accu on the dislpay side

car973 3rd May 2013 09:12 AM

I recently fixed my Karik brilliant psu and followed the guidance here:

Linn Brilliant SMPS - naked! - pink fish media

tiefbassuebertr 3rd May 2013 07:36 PM

check also post #5 about

tiefbassuebertr 19th August 2016 09:25 AM

Linn Kairn - how works it without Battery ?
The Linn model LK-1 (preamp) works fine even without the 3V6 NiCd battery resp. accu, but follow defaults I note after switch-on:
1) Volume control is "0"
2) No source is selected (mute).
This is good to handle.
By the model "KAIRN-PRO" (without elements on PCB at the phono RIAA section) I read follow after switch-on in the display:
"err2- don't panic innit!"
After this I read under "Volume" the value "0" and after a second it runs up to the value "50".
The selected input (listen) is "tun" (TUNER) and no record input is selected.
Is this behaviour correct and in accordance with the default settings without battery?
Are there other unwanted effects present without battery and is the battery (in opposite to the LK-1) under all circumstances necessary ?
I ask this, because sometimes (not often) the display goes death (even the two strokes are missing), although music is to continue listening. But commands (e. g. volume control, input select and so on) are no longer accepted.

After switch-off and switch-on again it works like previously described.
Thank you for your advices.

JonSnell Electronic 19th August 2016 12:02 PM

Battery faulty – if the battery is dead and the unit is switched off, the unit loses its
On most units, when this happens the unit functions okay afterwards but loses memory. On some units, however the display locks up and must be reactivated

tiefbassuebertr 8th September 2016 05:27 PM

Kairn Screen sometimes going still blank after replace 3V6 NiMH Battery
Now I have replace the battery by a new version, but I still observe the same, as mentioned in my post #1. But all other functions are correct.
This effect with completely dark display occurs unfortunately not often, so that I am not able to perform a troubleshooting.
That reminds me of a frozen screen on my old personal computer while work on it.
I assume, there must be a PIN at the processor, which is very sensitive against spikes on the mains. The internal power supply isn't the SMPS-Version (Brilliant).
Thanks for any advices.
This thread don't provide any advices:
Kairn screen going blank

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