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Luke352 7th November 2009 10:08 PM

First ever DIYish Preamp/Remote Volume etc...
Well this isn't anything all out, but it was my first attempt at something like this apart from a cheap Silicon Chip mag kit that had issues.

I purchased the kit here, CS3310 preamplifier remote volume control Rowland ! - eBay Integrated Amplifiers, Amplifiers, Home Audio, Electronics. (end time 17-Sep-09 11:20:05 AEST) I honestly had no idea if the kit was any good or if the CS3310 chip is meant to be good or not. But it did what I needed, Volume and input selection. I will say the quality of the kit seems quite good and although the Assembly Guide it came with leaves alot to be desired the seller was excellent and had answers to all my questions and actually understood there product and even provided me with a few extra pictures. So no complaints there and i'd happily purchase from them again.

Anyway my tools for this job consisted of a 25w $20 soldering iron, a tip cleaner, a drill, a couple of files, jigsaw, some side cutters, pliers, and DMM. So definitely nothing fancy, I'm planning on building some chip amps in the future so i'll be investing in a good variable power soldering iron and a solder vac before then.

The case I've used is just the biggest one I could find in the style I wanted at Jaycar so it's a bit cramped for my liking and I'd rather have things laid out a bit differently. When I purchase the case for my amp probably from Modu shop i'll purchase a matching one for this that is a bit bigger.

It seems to work well volume goes up and down and your not left wanting for more finer steps, it goes through the input selections as decribed with no clicks or pops audible from the speakers the same with the turn on it stays perfectly silent, BUT it does have a very bad turn off pop. Almost as if the caps are discharging and have nothing cutting the output on turn off, but it does come after 2-3 secs after you flick the switch. So if I can get a mute circuit or another way to disconnect the outputs when I flick the off switch this should fix it. Can anyone point me in the the way of a simple circuit or kit I can add on when I re case this in the future to prevent the turn off pop.

Anyway here are some pic guys, unfortunately you can't see the top of the main board due to the way I had to install it so it fit.
Shot with Canon EOS 500D at 2009-11-07
Shot with Canon EOS 500D at 2009-11-07
Shot with Canon EOS 500D at 2009-11-07
Shot with Canon EOS 500D at 2009-11-07
Shot with Canon EOS 500D at 2009-11-07
Shot with Canon EOS 500D at 2009-11-07
Shot with Canon EOS 500D at 2009-11-07
Shot with Canon EOS 500D at 2009-11-07


acold7dusta 3rd December 2009 04:17 PM

very cool, sorry i don't have any suggestions for the turn off thump, but hows it sound, otherwise?

danzup 4th December 2009 07:29 AM

All type of so call CSxxxx/PGAxxxx have this thump at the off power which is why first the power off must be at the power amplifier !
If you use in an preamplifier you must have a relay that short circuit the output to ground when is not power to this circuit .

Chamberman 6th January 2010 04:13 PM

I was looking at this very same pre-kit on Ebay. I really like the display. The only drawback I see with it was the use of the cheap 7805/7905 regulators for the supply voltage. I was thinking about sprucing it up with either 317/337's or a dedicated regulator circuit on a piggyback pcb. Now that you have had it for awhile, how do you like it?

Kashmire 7th January 2010 02:49 PM

Are these kits still on the market, or is ebay the only source?

Davet 9th February 2010 10:30 PM

Help with Remote Preamp
I have purchased the same kit. However, the photos that were sent with the construction notes show the wiring connectors in both orientations. I have used your photos for reference (since yours works).

What transformer did you use? Did it have dual secondaries of -8 volts and +8 volts?

Thanks in advance.

Francec 1st March 2010 03:08 AM

I built the Silicon Chip PGA2310 volume control that was featured late 07 (?? I think) and it works well. In fact, Sade is playing right now. It does have a display but nowhere as cool as yours. I fitted it into the same case that I put the SC pre-amp in; an Altronics black 1U case. The grey case in the magazine looked a bit crappy.


Bonsai 1st March 2010 03:50 AM

I wouldn't worry about the turn ON/OFF thump. This probably draws such a little but of power you can leave it permanently on. Problem solved.

marchel 18th March 2010 03:36 AM

Hi Luke, How does it sound?

alvaroespinola 11th November 2012 07:31 PM

Does Anyone has the source of the ATMEL 89c51 of this device?
Does Anyone has the source of the ATMEL 89c51 of this device?

I downloaded the HEX file but I need a dissasembler to modify the software...

I want to make it in spanish and change the digital volume to Two push buttons

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