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AKSA 23rd May 2013 11:45 PM

New NAKSA now arrived!
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I have been very quiet lately, recovering from illness and working hard to get my next amp out. This amp is manufactured in an assembly factory using high reliability equipment, and I'm very happy with the results.

It is the NAKSA 80, which now replaces the NAKSA 70. This is a completely design of the NAKSA 70, which sold well and wowed a lot of people. Power output is 82 watts rms into 8R, and is better and only $60 more...

There is now a review at Digital Audio Review from Johnny Darko:

Aspen NAKSA 80 amplifier review | Digital Audio Review by John Darko

During my convalescence the layout and process design was therapy. Significant friends helped with logistics, testing and proving concepts, particularly Steve and Paul, and many others upon whom I forced long, protracted auditions!. This is a VERY good amplifier, I'm well pleased. I will put a 'N80 Listening Impressions' thread on a bit later. Here I put in a nice photo and the brochure with all specs. BTW, THD is 0.025% at 12.5W into 8R//1KHz!



stvnharr 23rd May 2013 11:54 PM

I've been waiting for Hugh to post about the new Naksa 80. I assisted in the development and have been pleasantly listening to one for several months now. This is a very good amplifier and worthy of everyone's consideration. I cannot praise the Naksa 80 high enough. And I'd like to add, after reading the review, that if you buy just the module, you only need add the transformer as the power supply is on the amplifier board.

Jens-AT 24th May 2013 01:40 PM

Hi Hugh,

Congrats on the NAKSA 80 hitting the streets!

I have to confess that I have also known about the new 'baby' for a couple months now, and in fact ordered two of them as soon as Hugh had described the construction to me :D

Those two were dispatched a couple of days ago and will replace my NAKSA 70s in my Equilibrium speaker system ;)

I will report back when I have received them and had a good listen!



gaetan8888 24th May 2013 04:21 PM

Hello Hugh

Congratulation, your Naksa 80 will be a success and the Darko's review place it in the top high-end.



meanman1964 24th May 2013 04:36 PM

Congratulation with the birth of your new amp.I realy like the layout and hoping to own one myself one day.

AKSA 25th May 2013 03:07 AM

Thanks Jens, Gaetan and Patrick,

Much appreciated. We will see how the NAKSA 80 does in the sales, I believe it will do well as it has astonishing performance......



PaulBysouth 25th May 2013 03:09 AM

Some Photos
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I built up a NAKSA 80 about two weeks ago, and I've been listening to it with a pair of Grover Notting Code 4 speakers (reviewed in Australian HiFi magazine, Nov/Dec 2012). This combination sounds extremely good! I've attached some photos of the NAKSA 80 in our music studio, partnered with the Grover Notting Code 4's and an Audiolab 8200cdq.

The NAKSA 80 is normally supplied on a heatsink, and I've edited the photo to show the wiring connections. I've placed my NAKSA 80 into one of Hugh's purpose built chassis, which is made of one piece of folded 3mm thick aluminium and acts as the heatsink.

Paul Bysouth

HD: Thank you Paul, very clearly demonstrates a very well set up music system in a custom music studio. Nicely built NAKSA, too!

zman01 25th May 2013 08:25 AM


I do not own a NAKSA amp (yet), but follow your section in the diyAudio forum from time to time, and have read reviews of your amps. Your longstanding approach and dedication towards designing amplifiers that measure well and sound good too is definitely praiseworthy, and the appreciation is evident from owner/listener testimonials over the years.

Great to know that you are doing well healthwise, and have a new offering for the audio enthusiasts (or should I say music lovers? :)). The reviews/listening impressions have high praise for the NAKSA 80, and wishing you success with it.


AKSA 25th May 2013 11:30 AM

Hi Zia,

A pleasure to receive a post from Dhaka - a capital where recently there was a tragic loss of life....

What is it about you guys from the sub-continent? You write better than most native English speakers in my country - your language is academic, flawlessly good, like a lot of those Scandinavian guys.

Thank you for your thoughts, and your best wishes for my product. I hope you get one in due time! I do feel that after so many years of compulsive-obsessive attempts I'm finally getting very close to what the human hears from the original music, it's been a journey, and I'm grateful that my detective work is fruitful.

My wishes to your capital city as people recover from the carnage of the recent tragedy,



stvnharr 25th May 2013 04:57 PM

Naksa 80
I have had quite a lot of time with the new Naksa 80, with the same front end (Aspen GK-2 preamp and modified Marantz player) and with different speakers. So, here are a few words about the amp.
I find the amp to have standout qualities of imaging and tonal clarity. These qualities stood out to me from the very first listen. The bass is very good. One can listen for hours without any signs of listener fatigue.

My only direct comparison has been with my Lifeforce 55 amp of 2008 vintage. It was a short comparison as the N80 was so much better, as in it amplified the music into decay, whereas the LF amp seemed to leave a sort of black hole of nothing after the first bit of music note decay. I know that that is an odd phrase, but words not withstanding, it was clearly evident with only a few seconds of listening.
When Hugh came out with the Naksa 70 some time ago, he came to my house and we did a direct comparison to my LF55, 2006 vintage and the earliest LF module he made. I heard the standout bass of the N70, along with some other good qualities. Yet, after this all was done I was easily able to go back to listening to my LF amp. The same cannot be said for the Naksa 80 comparison.

I have listened to the Naksa 80 with my own two sets of speakers as well as with my brotherís pair of Revel Ultima Salons. I know the tendency is for people to listen to the N80 and then use speakers in the same relative price range. But the N80 holds itís own with speakers costing far far more, like the 5 figure Revelís.
Do not be mislead by the relatively modest 80 watt rating for power. This amp can fill a large room well, as they did with the Revelís in my brotherís nice largish room.

This is a seriously good amplifier and a great bargain as well.

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