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vintagehenley 10th September 2012 09:26 PM

Just wondering if there any AKSA amp users, ideally DIY builders in the UK and ideally near Berkshire/Oxfordshire?

Would love to make contact to discuss an Amp project I'm keen to get going.

Taffyboy 2nd December 2012 11:06 AM

I am also interested in Aksa, shame there's little interest in Uk, a listen would go a long way in getting some purchases for Hugh I am sure.


AKSA 3rd December 2012 08:40 PM

Having a good listen is almost impossible for net businesses, particularly from a very remote backwater like Oz.

The only options are to find another willing owner in the UK for a visit and listen, and that I send 'demo' amps overseas.

A fully NAKSA 100 is around $AUD2800, shipping to London is $220, insurance is $55, customs is around $500, it really is a lot of money in a difficult economic around the world.

Another issue is that warranty abroard is horrifically expensive because of the shipping - and, of course, customs into and out of the customer country likes to take their cut. Sadly the AUD is presently about $USD1.05, and my products are difficult to sell in the US and Europe/UK. Believe me, I think a lot about this issues; I'm concerned that we are looking at a fiscal train wreck in the western world; at present I spend a lot of time selling in Australia. After recently illness, I'm just starting up again, but there has been a long period where Aspen has build very little.

BTW, I have passed the AKSA some years ago; unfortunately I don't sell the AKSA these days!



Bigun 6th December 2012 01:22 AM


Originally Posted by vintagehenley (
Just wondering if there any AKSA amp users, ideally DIY builders in the UK and ideally near Berkshire/Oxfordshire?

Would love to make contact to discuss an Amp project I'm keen to get going.

If only I hadn't emigrated we'd be able to hook up - as I come from Abingdon/Drayton/East Hanney.

Anyhow - if you are looking for a DIY option there is a thread in the solid state forum on an AKSA clone that I think would be a good place to start.

I also have an AKSA look-alike DIY design and build thread:

Whilst neither option is the original AKSA I think they go a long way to getting you there and if this convinces you further, you might feel more confident in the purchase of a NAKSA.

just my 2c

royville 18th January 2013 05:53 PM

Hi Hugh, Hope you're feeling well after your illness.

Just hoping you can clarify for me.

Are there any of your kits available to purchase from the uk? You see I am looking for a high quality power amp kit to build and I believe yours are among the best.

Is the NAKSA 70 your starter and is it available as a kit?

Kind regards

AKSA 19th January 2013 07:51 AM

Hi Roy,

Thanks for your post, and for your interests in my health, which is getting better and better. I'm probably at around 70% now and after a AAA I'm actually very, very lucky I'm still alive!

Yes, I sell to the UK. The N70 is $890 with around $125 shipping and $35 insurance, and the N100 is $1420 with $175 shipping and $48 insurance.

I sold kits for years, the AKSA in fact, but no longer. I found that so many amps were so badly assembled that reliability was a negative, and so in 2003 I decided to build them myself, ensuring a long, trouble free life. However, although the pcbs are built and tested, the wiring into the power supply transformer, switch, LED lamp and input/output connections are indeed completed by the buyer. As you know, the transformers are available just about anywhere in the world, and are probihitively to shipping, so I doesn't include the trafo.

These SS amps with sound quality to hybrid the best qualities of SS and tube.

I would be delighted to buy to you, Roy, in UK, US, Sweden, or anyway! I've just sent two N70s to Norway, another to go this coming week, and a N100 to country Victoria, here in Oz.



royville 19th January 2013 11:33 AM

Hi Hugh,

Thank you for your prompt response, I'm sorry, I had no idea how serious your illness was. Glad to hear you're steadily improving though.

Its excellent news to hear you sell to the UK. I will need to 'save my pennies' for a while longer but thats ok, - I can wait.

I assume I purchase via your web site Hugh, is that correct?
Will make contact around March hopefully.

Many thanks to you.

AKSA 21st January 2013 08:14 AM

Pleasure, Roy,

When you are ready, order via my email, and stay warm in the very cold storms!



Zappaman 20th April 2013 05:25 PM

Im belatedly returning to diyaudio due to health issues. I live in Frome in Somerset & have been very happily :) enjoying my NAKSA 70 for around - Wow, is it that long, Hugh? - 15-16 Very Happy, nay, ecstatic months. I use mine with the NAD M51 preamp\dac & XTZ 99.26 mk2 speakers - the ones with ribbon tweeters & SEAS 6.5" Excel unit. A well matched system!

If either of the pre December 2012 folks from Henley or Wales want to contact me - or any subsequent interested parties, please let me know! Thanks, Steve.

AKSA 22nd April 2013 10:57 PM


Greetings, Sire, I hope you are travelling well.... yes, it's been a long time, I do not spend as much as the PC, indeed, I'm not mowing my lawns either!

Thank you very much for your offer to permit others listening to your NAKSA 70. I really appreciate it, there is only in UK as I recall and this is very helpful.

Stay well, Graham is coming over in a month to see you!



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