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Professor smith 9th September 2010 12:12 AM

Is there any way I can trade in my old AKSA for the new NAKSA? I am interested although money is tight given the current climate. The price is still high for the modules.


AKSA 9th September 2010 08:34 AM


I regret to say no, because I never did offer trades on the AKSA any later than 2008 and then only for the Lifeforce. However, it should also be stated that the AKSA55 I sold to you was fully assembled, themselves a refurbished pair of traded modules.

The vote of confidence is very nice, and I appreciate it, but how can you be sure that the NAKSA will fill your needs, where the AKSA did not and evidently caused you (and me!) so much angst on this very forum?



phase_accurate 9th September 2010 08:53 AM

Hi Hugh

Is this one using the topology that were were intensly discussing ?



Sorrry for the threadjacking

Professor smith 9th September 2010 01:28 PM


Originally Posted by AKSA (

The vote of confidence is very nice, and I appreciate it, but how can you be sure that the NAKSA will fill your needs, where the AKSA did not and evidently caused you (and me!) so much angst on this very forum?



hi Hugh,

I've learned my lesson, that it's not easy to evaluate a piece of equipment in isolation but I should mention that now I am satisfied with the sound of my system and clearly the AKSA amp plays its part in this.

It will always be difficult though to guarantee satisfaction when buying something over the internet without hearing it.

jkeny 9th September 2010 07:14 PM

Prof Smith, I bought the Naksa & am astounded by the sound. This is my memory of it, at least as it has been in residence in a fellow DIYers home for a number of weeks now. He is doing a review of it & is nearly finished. This will probably be of help to you, I expect.

I'm sure you can read the accolades that have been lavished on the Naksa to date in it's short life. It's up to you to judge these responses & the posters. However, this was also available for the Aksa amplifier!

AKSA 9th September 2010 11:48 PM

Hi Charles,

Nice of you to drop in, welcome to the AKSA forum!

No, this amp is stotally different and weasely distinguished.....

I will email you about it!

Ironically, I've just now come around to our original discussion (forgive me, I'm very slow!), am doing a pcb for it right now, JUST as your email came in. 'Owzat for coincidence? It is very close to our original discussion, in fact, configured for a gain of 1.5 so I can drive it with a tube.... a very different circuit to the NAKSA.


Many thanks, it's not easy advising anyone what to buy - and you really need to get back your NAKSA!!


My considered advice would be to await Francis' review on I'm confident this will answer many of your concerns. I would be reluctant to sell you an amp without third party advice, the last experience for both of us was, ahem, difficult.



jkeny 13th September 2010 07:55 PM

Naksa review is on-line & the report is stellar as expected but it's always nice to have confirmation of one's expectations. The Naksa Amplifier | Tí

I'm a friend of Fran, the reviewer & I lent him the amp for review. He is a great DIYer (posts as woodturnerFran here) - just look at his test equipment - he built 99% of it ranging from turntable, CD transport, DAC, amp & speakers. I heard the amp in his system on the Sachiko horns with modded FE206e drivers but not with the Quad ESL 57 speakers. He tells me this is a synergy made in heaven! I'll be looking for an audition when I pick up the amp.

Some points of reference for those here familiar with the PASS F5 to which he compares it too - I'll let you read the article for the conclusions

BTW, while you're on the site have a look at his review of my Hiface based USB transport MK2 HiFace Mark 2 jkeny mods | Tí Couldn't resist, Hugh, hope you don't mind

AKSA 14th September 2010 07:19 AM

Why, thanks John, good of you!!


Professor smith 24th September 2010 12:14 AM


Can you state your reference system you use at home for listening? Do you use the Vsonics?

Professor smith 24th September 2010 12:21 AM

How does the NAKSA compare with the LIfeforce and Aksa? If its better than the lifeforce are you able to offer the lifeforce for a lower price than before?
Otherwise why would anyone pay considerably more for the lifeforce when they can get the NAKSA which outperforms it?

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