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Maniac 22nd November 2009 06:04 PM

[New Product] BHC cap, IeGO Blue Power, Acoustic-Fun Coax.
Well, welcome to Acoustic-Fun's forum on DiyAudio, and welcome to our first official thread here too.

We often have some products ready while the info and web shop page isn't quite done. I feel that perhaps I should post some info and photos on those products here, so that everyone will have an better idea. :D

First of all is our C75X 75 ohm coaxial cable:

We have found a local supplier who have custom made this cable for us, and during our testing, we found it to sound superior to most of the digital coax cable that we have here. We have pitted it against several brands of digital cables, including some of those rather nice 75 ohm Teflon coax cables, and mind you, those cable uses Eichmann copper bullet heads. Well, we made those one offs for our own use, can't hurt to use something nice on a few of the cables. :D Our original had been compared several commercially made cable with some costing US$300 or more, and yet the Teflon coax and the runner up is still able to maintain an overall edge over the more expensive products.

(We intensionally left out the brand name of the cables, if you have to know, please PM and ask. Please do not ask about it or post that info here, we don't want a flame war the on our first thread here... :P )

What we found is that while it does not present itself as the winner in every category (well, we wish tho...), it have performed very well and actually bettered my own cable in terms of soundstage, transparency, detail and ambiance. While also come very close in the other categories, and when we found out about that, we knew we have a really affordable winner here!

If you take apart the connector, you will be pleasantly surprised about how well the whole connection is done:

The soldering joint is not only protected, but unlike what I have seen elsewhere. Most manufacturers either don't do anything, heat shrink, plastic sleeve or use some form of glue to protect the joints. Well, our cable actually have the entire joint packed up by injection molded plastic, which provides much better protection for the soldering joint against force or corrosion.

Price of the cable? $25USD for 1M version (plus shipping of course), since this cable HAVE to be factory made, if you need longer length, please vote in the next thread to let us know what would be the best length to carry next. :)

Below is the direct link to C75X in our web shop.
Acoustic-Fun C75X Coaxial Cable



Maniac 22nd November 2009 06:05 PM

IeGO "Blue" L70605 1.5M + 8055 Power Cable

IeGO's "Blue" L70605 cable is a monster with both Live and Neutral each made up of 4 individual strands of high silver content copper wire, which is alloyed further with small amount of gold. It excels in larger systems, where it can easily deliver presence, clarity, detail and impact. If compared to our original L70530 cable, this cable can be considered to be better suited to system that is expected to deliver "higher energy", where more impact and power is desired.

Basic Spec:
Overall purity 99.999% with 20% furukawa copper and 79.9% of 99.99% pure silver + small amount of powder sintered gold, oxygen content below 0.080ppm
Manufacturing Process: IeGO PUM-OCC oil free diamond die drawing process with 15 hours -240C cryo process and vacuum tunnel annealing.
Insulation: High strength/resilience PVC. (This is extremely soft PVC, unlike those recycled PVC that is hard and brittle)
Cable diameter: 15mm
Electrical Spec: Withstand 600V, 125C, U/L, BSMI, PSE. Max safe current 15A, conductor diameter for Live and Neutral is 12AWG each.

Pricing: $95USD/each plus shipping ($25 for one, please check out our web store for info on shipping for more than one cable).



Maniac 22nd November 2009 06:06 PM

BHC ALC40 100uF/400V Snap-on Capacitor

As most DIYers have well known that BHC Capacitors is one of the better caps around. It is very reliable and great sounding, perfectly suited to both tube and solid state circuits.

Basic spec:
Capacitance: 100uF
Max Voltage: 400V
ESR: @ 20C/100Hz = 1193 mOhm, @ 20C/10KHz = 788 mOhm.
Ripple Current @ 120C = 100Hz @ 0.85A, 10KHz @ 2.09A

Diameter: 22mm
Length: 41mm
Mount: Standard Snap-on.

Excellent cap for tube amps, rubs off the harshness in sound almost instantly when you replace the oddball cap on your amp with this BHC cap! Great for Cathode cap, B+ and more. Also excellent for adding a little bit of BHC smoothness and warmth to your transistor amps, even tho the voltage and physical size might be a bit of overkill in transistor amps.

I actually plan to use this cap in a couple of our own upcoming amps (yes, tube amps), and in the prototype unit it shines! With just one BHC cap in the high voltage B+ instead of the original 220uF unknown brand cap, it sounds much more musical, smoother highs, fuller mids and solid bottom. This is a great sounding cap!

Price: $8.00USD/ea, $60.00USD/per pack of 10pcs



Maniac 27th November 2009 10:46 AM

Whew, updated, sorry for the delay.



Maniac 28th November 2009 09:59 AM

Yipee... Just finished writing the gibberish for our coax cable, it is named C75X (Yes, I admit I don't have the imagination needed for stunning names... :P).

If anyone's interested, you can check it out here via direct link:
Acoustic-Fun C75X Coaxial Cable

Let me know if it is too gibberish or not gibberish enough... :P



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