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Originally posted by udailey
I used to be a total cynic and frankly half a year ago I would have been reading Dario the riot act on his silly testing.
Wow! Then I must consider myself a lucky guy

Regarding silliness I'm in good company, also Peter Daniels uses sockets to test different components (thanks Peter for the great idea! )

If only I'd used sockets how many solder pads wouldn't be screwed up with soldering/desoldering!

Originally posted by udailey
But I have found that everytime I have a prejudice against a certain component or use of a component I can prove myself wrong or right given the right/wrong circumstance.For instance I think Silmics sound like **** in a chip amp, which might be why Dario winks every time he brings them up , but I give him a lot of credit and thanks for going through this procedure to find the best sound for all of us to benefit from and I dont doubt that the Silmics could sound great given the right set of circumstances and those circumstances seem to be in the MyRef circuit.
Thanks for the credit

Originally posted by ClaveFremen
At first Silmics in C6,C11 are horrible they must burn-in for 20-40 hours.
Silmics used in your tests were burned-in? In which role (signal coupling/PS decoupling/etc.) ?

For instance some years ago I though that Silmics were bad on PS decoupling and I substituded all Simics used by Sony in my SACD player for PS decoupling with Rubycon ZLs:, wow!, sound opened up, like a veil removed, more highs too.

Two monts ago I've built my first Gainclone and had problems with harshness and lack of basses... well, part of the problem resided in the player! I've restored Silmics in PS and... miracle! Basses was there and harshness is gone! (no darkness too, but only after burn-in... )
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