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Mastersound Reference 845 (Front)
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I absolutely love this amp! It's 135LB, 40w/ch, Italian, SET amp/integrated. I've replaced the stock 12AU7s with Mazda "chrome-plate" 6189 tubes, the stock 5687s with Bendix 6900s and the stock 845s with Psvane WE845 tubes.

These WE845 tubes are absolutely amazing!!! They have the capability to convince you youíre actually listening to live, unamplified acoustic instruments and singers rather than a reproduction of them. If your audio system is up to the task and doesnít hold these WE845 tubes back, theyíll conjure up an astonishing, almost magical sense of live music from virtually every recording youíll play. Now understand Iím NOT claiming theyíll make a poorly recorded CD sound like a well-recorded one, but what they will do is make it sound better than it ever did before. Iím also NOT claiming theyíll make a studio session sound like a live performance. If itís a studio recording theyíll make you believe you were in the studio while the music was being recorded and with a live recording the WE845s will transport you to venue where the live recording was made.

I believe the best way to judge an audio product is how easily it makes you forget youíre listening to a reproduction of music rather than to music itself. With the WE845 tubes that was very easy to do every time.. After months of critical listening I am still impressed every time I play my system. I know these WE845 tubes arenít perfect, nothing is, but Iím at a loss to fault them. Over the entire frequency range and with every genre of music I played. There isnít one aspect of the sound where these WE845 tubes exhibited less than state-of-the-art realism. Their tone color, inner-detail, excellent macro-dynamics & micro-dynamics, the treble is wonderfully extended. The midrange is warm and full-bodied. While the bass has great bottom-end extension and pitch definition and the list of sonic praises could go on and on. In the end perhaps the best thing I can say is these tubes is this: I had a $5000, incredibly musical sounding, prototype tube preamp installed in my system to evaluate and as good as it was and it was very, very good ---{in fact I haven't heard a better preamp, yet}--- that preamp didnít make as much of a sonic improvement in my system as adding these WE845 tubes did!

All hail the new King of the 845 triodes.
Date: Thu February 18, 2010

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