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W/end off, can't listen to music, have ear infection (P/off) done some browsing, Always been impressed by the 103.
1964 103 Broadcast-model
1970 103 First consumer version
1974 103S Higher compl, Ellip Stylus
1977 103D Ellip stylus,
1978 103 T 103 with a step-up trans in 1 box
1978 103/TII 15th Anniv, better tracking
1981 103U Cart mntd in a dedicated H/S
1982 103 GOLD 20th Anniv,
1983 103 M Ally body, 0.12mV, 40ohms.Boron
cant, ellipt stylus, compl 13cu, 1.4 grams
1985 103LC LC-OFC wiring, 75th Anniv -
13ohms, 0.25mV, ceramic epoxy Body,
1986 103LCII LC-OFC -13ohms, 0.25mV, spher
stylus, 5cu, VTF 2.5 grams
1989 103SL Change of materials & styling, 6N
99,9999 Copper, white housing,
1990 103GL Gold wire, Spec black housing,
0.25mV, 40ohms, spher stylus, VTF 2.5
grams, coils 4N High Purity Gold
Wire 99.99%, ltd to 2000 off
1991 103C1 LCOFC coils, Spec black body,
0.25mV, 14ohms, Spher stylus, 5cu
1993 103FL 6N copper wire coils clad
with 4N pure gold, Special white body,
0.28mV, 30ohms, Spher stylus,
1993? 103FLS - ultimate hyper-ellip stylus &
white ceramic body
1994 103R change to high purity purity
99.9999% Copper(6N) for the coil,
0.25mV, imp 14ohms
2004 Hiphonic - 103 Pro 0.35mV, 38ohms, 6cu,
Spher stylus, 2.0 grams.
2005 DL103SLS White ceramic body,OFC
copper wire, Japan only
2006 DL-103SA 99.9999% (6N) high purity
copper wire. M/Blue f/glass body.
9.7grams, Ltd run.
2006 SoundSmith Changes to different types
of Wood bodies, offers Stylus & Cant
2007 Zu Audio Ally Ally body, Sorts Channel
match & offered in 4 versions. Better
match Higher price.
2011 TemaadAudio Channel matched
Ally Bodied. Also offerers Re-tip Stylus
& Cantilever models. Cartridges can be
1 : 2 (std) or 3 point mount
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Denon 103 output out of balance

Posted 8th May 2012 at 09:19 AM by tabarddn (Denon 103 History)

Hi, I have just received a 2nd hand 103, (decappitated my 1st one, yes I know I should have had it re-tipped)
Anyway the output is swung to the left. I have a 2 arm system, identical arms and a Clearaudio Beta S in the other) I use the Denon through a SUT and have swapped arms and the is no improvement. Is ther a way to rebalance the output after the SUT say with resistors. I cannot do it after the head amp as the Clearaudio uses this haed amp through a switch box.
Advice, and you thoughs please
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