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Cleaning up the mess

Posted 12th October 2009 at 10:00 AM by peranders
Updated 12th November 2011 at 04:40 PM by peranders

BPA300 Group Buy Round 2

The user rhysh started to organize group buys last year and it started well in true diyaudio spirit but somewhere in February, March things were starting to going out of hand and more and more people were getting irritated about zero deliveries.

By then I started to clean up group buy wiki pages and stumbled over Rhys' pages. I noticed the irritation and started to bug Rhys when he eventually sent me an email telling me to stop.

I kept a low profile for a while in hoping for the better. Unfortunately not much happened. Later on I'll decided to help him with the administration. I set up a forum for me and him. This didn't turn out well. He didn't sign in as the thought was and didn't do his share.

Some time later an idea came up that he should send all his stuff to me and Sweden but in the meantime AlanElsdon offered to drive from south of England up to Sheffield but then it was already too late since Rhys had shipped the stuff to Sweden. This was probably a mistake because this was the chance for us to retrieve everything from Rhys. Anyway, I got the stuff in August but the package was incomplete. I sent out all I could and waited for the rest to come..... which still hasn't come. 23rd September I had Rhys in the phone and he was outside (could here that) and he was on his way to the post office. If this was true something stopped him from actually go there. Nothing has turned up so there is a clear case that Rhys never went to the post office. Did he not tell me the truth? I don't know. I know that Rhys has problems with promises and keeping them. We remembered all when he said he had sent several letters and the truth was that he didn't even make them. Why, I don't know.

This are starting to be solved now but the ECC88 Gainclone project requires more job for me to solve so more about this below.

Rhys said that he had an depression in March and later on and he sounded that way the first time I spoke to him. His computer crashed also and he lost data he said, but in the same time, he is a computer professional and ought to have knowledge how to recover a crashed hard drive and from my experience, most data are NOT lost. I wonder also why he didn't have any backups? If he is in the business he knows how important this is.

As a side note I didn't live as I learnt until I got the Time Machine into my Mac. It's lovely to have a such backup solution along with 1 TB harddisk.

Anyway, I got access to Rhys Paypal account in order to get all transaction details. But so much I could see that quite much money had been involved and due to that Paypal got interested and suspected money laundry. Since Rhys didn't do such things he had nothing to fear. Paypal selected ten customers and Rhys had to give Paypal tracking numbers or some evidence of delivery. It was sufficient to send the selected customers a message and telling them to tell Paypal of their received goods. It's not too hard task but Rhys felt so. Later Paypal requested to confirm his credit card number which he didn't do either. I could see that Rhys had credit card troubles with Paypal and his Paypal balance was at minus but not too much for a working person.

Rhys didn't do anything about the debts nor the money laundry thing so now the account is locked and will only be reopened when Rhys starts to act and fulfill Paypal's wishes.

I have talked with Rhys a couple of times and lately he has sounded rather happy and not depressed at all but his social situation right now is unknown. A fully socially functional person would have felt some pressure to make things right especially when he has someone who is helping him (me). I'll guess that he still has problems of some unknown sort. Since the 29th of September I have called him every day and since he has a mobile phone he can see missed calls from me. I have also left messages on his answering service. Only once the phone has been shut off so right now he is either avoiding me or is unable to answer.

I'll hope he will get in touch with me. I haven't given up the hope yet. I will also delete this blog when the whole business is solved.

15th October I got an email from Rhys telling me that he didn't go to the post office and he would phone me later this evening. Now the 30th October, no call yet.

1st November, I have sent Rhys a letter as registered mail and I'll hope he will read it. In the letter I have written things that I want Rhys to do for me. The reason for sending the letter as registered mail is that I can get a receipt of delivery and if he never fetch it I will have it returned to me.

10th November, not a sign from Rhys.

17th November, got an email from Rhys.

27th November, sent a reminder of wanted assignments.

14th December, sent a reminder of wanted assignments.

8th January 2010,.... nothing....

15th February 2010,... nothing...

Both Rhys' domains s11audio.com and pressure-drop.org are free, meaning he has not paid those bills.

27th May 2010,... nothing...

Let's face it: He does this on purpose and I would regard it as a criminal act. He could phone me since he got my number and if he have forgot it he can pretty easily find it at me website. He can also send me an email.

I have heard also an unconformed rumour about similar activities elsewhere.

OK, the ECC88 project. Let's assume that those of you who ordered from Rhys never will get any money back nor any pcb's.

I have been in contact with Joe Rasmussen for some cooperation of making a pcb which he can use in his products and in the same time offer as a groupbuy pcb. We are talking about 20-30 dollars max and my idea is an universal board a la my style and room for normal parts and some audiophile parts.

My idea is that Rhys 8 customers will have their pcb's for a good price (in true community spirit) and the rest of you for the asked price.

I have never worked with tubes so this is my very first tube design and I thought this project would be suitable for me. I wish also 1 to 3 dedicated tube persons which can assist me in the prototype building.

I'll guess I can start with this in a couple of weeks and somewhere February, March I will be ready to offer debugged pcb's.
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