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Yikes! Now what did I do?

Posted 1st June 2011 at 04:45 PM by Pano

This morning I was waking up the music server to have a listen. I run a Windoze XP box with JRiver Media Center.

JRiver gave me a pop-up error message that there had been an incomplete shutdown, did I want to fix any problems? There had been a power outage for a couple of hours last night that shut down the server. So if course I clicked "OK".

Bam! Screen goes dark. WTF? I look at the crossover and the tube amps - all dark. All dead. Now what I have done?

Well, it wasn't my mouse click that killed everything, the power was out again. Phew. But talk about scary timing. Click OK and everything dies right on the click.

Fortunately for us we have a 12KW generator that kicks in and can run the whole house.

All back to normal now.
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    wintermute's Avatar
    hehehe reminds me of a stormy night in 1986. I was doing the night shift as a computer operator all alone. Each job got a job code, normally we got to about 400 odd. This day I wrote on the run sheet job code 666 and thought to myself, this ones going to fail. Sure enough it fell over so I got on the phone to the systems programmer and said "I knew it was going to fail as soon as I saw the job code was 666. He said what's the significance of that?

    I said don't you know, 666 is the number of the Be.... at that instant the power went out, the phone cut out because there was no battery backup on the PABX. It was pitch dark as the entire suburb had blacked out and there was no moonlight at all, and back then buildings didn't have emergency lighting.

    You might say I was a little bit freaked out! Started to imagine noises in the false ceiling... I can't remember how long the power was out, probably only 5 - 10 minutes but it sure seemed like a long time.

    When I called the systems programmer back he asked me what happened, I said power outage. He said what were you about to say? I told him the religious significance of the number 666, and he was just about as freaked out as what I was It's funny, if I tell this story in real life it always gives me goose bumps, somehow typing it didn't have the same reaction.

    Posted 2nd June 2011 at 09:18 AM by wintermute wintermute is offline
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    Pano's Avatar
    Great Story Tony - thanks! I bet you were freaked. I would be.
    Posted 2nd June 2011 at 02:29 PM by Pano Pano is offline

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