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I've been gathering bits for this project for a while, and started cutting this weekend.
Sats will have three each AMT tweeters in a vertical convex line array above the main cabinet.
The main cabinet is to be a heavily braced .70 cubic foot, made of 5/8" MDF side, top, and bottom panels, the baffles to be made of 3/4 MDF, the front with an outer layer of 18mm Baltic birch.
Full width braces will provide magnet bracing to vertically stacked, front mounted 6 1/2" Dynavox midwoofers.
Past experience with these tells me they have a slight midbass hump, but otherwise sound good unfiltered .
To highpass them, maintain near neutral cabinet internal pressure, and direct couple the woofer I'll hear to the amp, I will be wiring these out of phase in parallel, the lower woofer with a 4.7mH , .83 ohm inductor in series.
This should give my cabinets about 9db of relief from pressures at @ 60hz, and a mechanical high pass -3 db phase cancelling point at 120 hz.
I'm hoping that two motors removing low bass internal pressure will nearly eliminate resonances coming through the woofer cones.
And yes, this design was inspired by M&K S1C pairings.
I do still have seven of those 5 1/4" peerless M&K woofers , but have to save them in case some one gets foolish with some speakers I've sold in the past. My opinion is the Dynavox speakers are better in every way for this use.
The sub will be a push pull using two Dayton audio reference 10" drivers, in a sealed transmission line enclosure for now, but will be building a smaller sealed enclosure later.
These fed from a Yung 500 watt plate amp already owned.
My biggest concern is making an anachronism.
Looking around, I don't see high quality sub sat combos around any more.
Is this absence because the sub sat is a fatally flawed species?
I've always thought a great small cabinet is easier to build than a good large cabinet, but am worried my memory may be enhancing the quality of the old S1C MX-2000 combo I enjoyed long ago.
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Passive line level filters.

Posted 6th October 2013 at 02:27 AM by MITsound

Tried out fmod high and low pass filters to feed inputs on a 300B integrated and Nait 5 , used to drive mid&treble horns, and 15" trace Elliot woofers , respectively. All mounted on large(ish) open baffle. 6db highpass @ 900hz leaves out enough bass and eq's a "hump" in the mid's response. Instead of a series cap for the highpass leg of this "filtered rca splitter", would I parallel another cap from hot to neutral to create a low pass? This is being done with 3 rca sockets in a project box per channel as I don't wish to mod the original amps and to ease cap swapping which past speaker level crossovers have proven irresistible for me to avoid revising. I do wish to maintain 1st order filtering, for the sake of fixing a couple of minor "humps" and "knees" in these drivers' responses. Bear in mind I'm very new to the electrical side of audio. Any help welcome.
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