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Project Dilemas

Posted 19th February 2010 at 05:41 PM by kevinkr
Updated 19th February 2010 at 05:50 PM by kevinkr

Isn't it odd how sometimes the things you intend to do first end up being the last things you actually get done? Or am I the only one with this problem??

I always have a few projects on the back burner, and few that are supposed to high priority and sometimes one or two that just appear because of an unforseen opportunity or a seemingly good idea.

In order of supposed priority I have been working on a new GM70 based SE amp design, an acrylic plinth TT, a pair of Half Chili Changs, and quite unexpectedly an FFT based audio measurement set up.

The turntable and the GM70 are more or less stalled. I need to purchase a mini-lathe, and a good metal cutting blade.

On the GM70 despite designing a choke coupled driver stage that really performs well I am still waffling over whether I want to use IT coupling instead. And the kicker is I need the above tools to fabricate the chassis for these amplifiers which ultimately will be 4 chassis for a stereo pair..

The TT is a boondoggle - not quite completed I now realize I could have bought a mid level high end TT for what this thing is costing me - I hope it turns out to be worth it.

Oddly enough the two lowest priority items on my current project list are basically finished with the exception of a few niceties..

The FFT measurement set up happened abruptly because Pete Millet came out with a soundcard interface board that I could not resist. (My old diy set up long in the tooth was no longer functioning reliably.)

The HCC have gotten the lionshare of attention and will shortly get a set of Planet10's phase plugs as icing on the cake. It is very interesting how important having BSC turned out to be - acoustical measurements reveal this very clearly. They sounded dreadful without BSC, and tolerable with it, as the drivers break in they have noticeably improved. They aren't Onken killers nor were they intended to be, however they will be well suited for use when we have audio club meetings and small parties.
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