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The very first blog post!!!

Posted 20th August 2009 at 07:40 AM by keantoken
Updated 20th August 2009 at 09:31 AM by keantoken (Adding a pretty picture...)

Hi all. Apparently, this is the first blog post of the new DIYAudio (unless the new software is fooling me).

Sooo...... What would someone like me want to blog about? All I can really do is post links to my threads and post pictures of my ideas. I don't really have enough to contribute which would warrant a regular blog...

One thing I think deserves mention is the thread below about the Allison output stage. Surely there are more interesting things to talk about, things more pertaining to audio (there is generally a sort of Zen approach where even though a circuit may measure well, there may be other ways of doing it that sound better).


Click the image to open in full size.

The significance of the Allison, to me, is its measured performance as a voltage buffer. You still need a low source impedance because the input impedance of the Allison is just as linear as a bipolar EF output stage (although using the dual NTP approach, input impedance becomes extremely high which allows for higher source impedances without significant increase in distortion. This approach is the furthest circuit left in the schematic).

As a voltage buffer, with a source impedance of zero ohms, THD vanishes. This has only been tested in the simulator, unfortunately. I cannot test it because I lack the equipment and resources. Many people's reaction when seeing this circuit is to scratch their heads and some of them ask if it really works. I have built these circuit on breadboard and have verified that it does, with great results! I think I have posted pictures in that thread that can prove it.

Second, I have contributed a few articles to the DIYAudio Wiki. I have a grand vision of a superbly written wiki that was like an archive of electronic and audio design knowledge. I still have that vision, but I am currently looking into options.

After using these forums for a number of years to gain my knowledge (I would not know electronics if it was not for this forum), I have realized how much I enjoy designing with discrete transistors. All the world's problems can be solved with an NE5534? Sure, but it's fun to try to do it without chips. It also takes a lot of knowledge, and you end up learning a lot.

This is why I want to create a wiki solely for the purpose of designing discretely. How about putting together a whole spectrum analyzer out of discretes? Or designing a new timebase, with today's superfast parts, to fit in an old Tektronix scope mainframe? That sounds fun, at least to me. I have a preliminary wiki set up. If you are interested, please use the PM or Email button on one of my posts. This does not mean I don't plan on writing for the DIYAudio Wiki, but rather I want to, if I can, set up what I am sure would be a great resource if well-staged.

As I've learned more about audio amplification, I've realized that even though it's based around the ear, one can learn a large amount of information about universal electronics, in just and attempt to create a zero-THD1000000 amplifier. The skills acquired in this field can benefit most any endeavor, even in switching. What I've learned trying to design in SPICE my zero THD1000000 amplifier (that's sort of a joke), I can extend to new areas of design such as measurement equipment design, and practically anything. So I want to do it. In REAL LIFE.

I want to say Hallelujah to the great forum upgrade, thanks to the moderators, and good luck to those embarking on their own DIY projects.

- keantoken
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    Jason's Avatar
    Congratulations on the very first blog post And thank you very much for the positive comments.
    Posted 20th August 2009 at 11:12 PM by Jason Jason is online now
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    Variac's Avatar
    I assume that about every blog will have a photo and description of the member's system!
    Posted 20th August 2009 at 11:40 PM by Variac Variac is offline
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    Thanks for the blogg Kean. I will follow it with interest.

    Posted 17th February 2014 at 10:48 AM by Turbon Turbon is offline

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