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Inductor Evaluation Help

Posted 27th January 2010 at 05:40 AM by audi0

[FONT="Verdana"][SIZE="2"]Over the last couple of years amongst other things, I have been playing around with T amps changing and upgrading components, noting changes etc. When I saw the ‘Inductor Evaluation Help’ thread by ICE_Mag it was of immediate interest to me.
I have read a fair bit about the audible effects of different inductor types used in these amplifiers, some people liking air core and others ferrite core toroids etc. so I registered my interest with the supplier.

It then occurred to me which of my amps (I had three T amps at that stage) would be the guinea pig for my trial; I pondered on this for a while thinking that although all were modified, they are all in a condition where they could be sold if they became surplus to my needs.
I therefore looked on eBay and saw an Hlly amp at the right price, so I bought it.

The inductors arrived, two each of three different sizes (all 10mH) hmmm I thought, how am I going to achieve a result from this?, maybe if I leave one channel as is, change the other with the test subjects, the small, medium then the large one, then change the untouched channel and maybe compare two of the test inductors with each other? I also thought that it would be good to test them against air core’s, I had previously priced some of Autocostruire Litz wire air cores, but the freight cost outside of Europe was prohibitive, an amount equal to the inductors cost which was a bit outside of the budget! So I contacted DIY Paradise to see if I could get some of the ‘Charlize’ inductors, but although they are listed as a separate item on their web site, they wouldn’t sell me any….
If anyone knows where I could buy four air cores, please let me know!
I might have a go at winding my own, maybe air core toroids? I think that a toroid shape might help contain the RF emissions? Please correct me if I’m wrong!

The Hlly amp arrived, I soldered on a few cables and away it went. I must say, it sounded pretty good, maybe lacking lows but I knew that a larger capacity cap across the supply would help with that.

I have been listening with this amp now for about a week, last weekend I finally got round to mounting it on a board and hooked it up with a stereo / reverse switch and a balance control / fader which might help in comparing the left and right channels.

I don’t consider myself to have ‘golden ears’ so that any differences in the sound quality will have to be pretty obvious! I do know what sounds good to me, and I will be basing my judgments on this once I start to swap the inductors.

More to come and results to follow

cheers.. Steve[/SIZE][/FONT]
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